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A celadon jade 'phoenix and lingzhi' brush rest, Qing dynasty, the long-tailed bird perched on entwined openwork branches bearing numerous fungus stems in high and pierced relief, the pale celadon stone of even tone with a slight russet striation,

A Chinese soapstone scholar's brush rest, using the natural shape, inscribed with a poem and artist name, the poem describing the golden jade and appreciating the quality from Jing Shan mountain, on the underside, Jin Yu Qi Xiang, the jade with gold an

A Chinese gilded bronze dragon brush rest. the cast animated stylised dragon with distressed gilding throughout. Height 6 cm. Width 8.5 cm

Chinese carved rosewood and jade brush rest width 28 cm approx

A Chinese bamboo brush rest, early Qing dynasty, 17th-18th century, in the form of a scholar seated on a rock-work platform, two characters inscription and one seal

A hardwood brushrest Qing dynasty resembling zitan, carved as a mountainous landscape with a figure in a sampan beneath a gnarled pine tree and others on the shore, the dark wood with smooth dark patina 20.5 cm long

A simulated 'lingbi rock' mountain-form brushrest naturalistically formed as rocky crags with a weathered surface and irregular hollows, the dark glaze accented with spots of turquoise simulating lichen, the underside with an impressed four-character seal

A rare pale celadon jade brush-rest, Qing Dynasty, 18th century, cleverly carved in the form of a group of ruyi fungus on a gnarled branch, the stone with a soft polish and caramel-coloured skin to some raised sections fitted leaf shaped wood stand. 16 cm

A group of four Chinese porcelain scholar's desk pieces, late Qing Dynasty, late 19th century, comprising a scrolled wrist rest, an oval inkstone, a brush wash with a quatrefoil aperture, and a pierced rectangular brush rest, all with underglaze blue scrip

A pair of Chinese carved rhino horn brush rests a matching pair of brush rests decorated with lightly carved images of branches carrying blossoms. Height 1.6 cm; width 7.4 cm; Depth 2.8 cm. Note: See report: carved objects examination certificate, Macquari

A naturalistic green jade brush-rest, Qing Dynasty or earlier, in the form of a group of ruyi fungus growing over a piece of rotting trunk, a toad on one side, with russet inclusions, 7 cm x 10.5 cm

A rare pale celadon jade brush-rest, Qing Dynasty, 18th century, Cleverly carved in the form of a group of ruyi fungus on a gnarled branch, the stone with a soft polish and caramel-coloured skin to some raised sections, 16 cm long, fitted leaf shaped wood

A Chinese porcelain ink stone, late Qing Dynasty (late 19th /early 20th century), of squat barrel form, with a shallow depression for mixing ink and moulded brush rests, decorated with patterned reserves in a wucai palette interspersed with bird scenes. He

A Chinese hardstone brush rest, 20th century, together with two hard stone brushes, fitted box. 3 cm high, 10 cm wide and 4,2 cm deep, brushes 17 cm long. Provenance: Acquired in Hong Kong between 1957 and 1968 and brought to Melbourne early 1969 and passe

Unusual Chinese bronze brush rest in shape of sage with a teapot. Length 10 cm.

Pair of blue & white brush rests, decorated with erotic scenes (2)

Chinese bronze brush rest with mythical beasts. Qianlong mark to base. Length 21 cm

A small Chinese Malachite brush rest on wooden stand, 12 cm long

A Chinese hardstone boulder, possibly a brush rest, of beige shade and naturalistic form, simulating ling long, together with stand. 11 cm long

A Chinese red glazed brush rest with water vessel. It is in the form of a tree branch with a lion dog perched on top. Unusual to have both the brush rest and water vessel together.20th century. L 14 cm

A celadon jade 'Five Boys' brush rest, 19th/20th century four boys seated facing forward and one turned backwards, each wearing loose robes, some holding various attributes such as pomegranate, lotus flower and lotus pod 19. 3 cm. Literature: Compare with

A carved celadon jade brush rest in the form of a kylin, Qing dynasty, 19th century, 4 cm high, 7.5 cm wide

Two Chinese carved bamboo brush rests, early 19th century one carved with Daruma, signed and one with figures in a boat in a mountainous lake scene, carved with poetry, 19 cm long. (2)

A miniature spirit stone brush rest 19th century, the variegated beige and brown stone naturalistically carved to mimic a miniature spirit stone (linglong shi), capable of resting two brushes

A blue-glazed moulded brush-rest, possibly Wanli period, 1575-1619, in the form of a carp/dragon

A Chinese celadon jade mountain-shaped brush rest, carved in the round with a sage standing on the sea shore beside a waterfall beneath a pine tree, and verso with waterbirds against a rocky ground, the stone with pale russet inclusions. Height 6 cm. Lengt

A rock crystal brushrest, Qing Dynasty, 19th century, carved as open rockwork with a dragon emerging from an aperture, above swirling waves at the base beside a hollowed rock forming a brush washer, a lion crouched on a ledge to one side carved from an are

A soapstone mountain-form brush-rest Qing Dynasty, 19th century 16.5 x 10 cm. Provenance: Andrew Stuart-Robertson collection, 1970's to 1990's, Christie's London, before 1995

A rock crystal brush rest 18th/19th century. 13 x 6 cm. Original carved hardwood stand, damaged