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A Tibetan iron container for food bowl, 16th/17th century, Dege, with etched gilding of 'shou' symbols, 18.5 cm diameter x 9.5 cm high. Provenance: Private collection, Sydney. Note: This type of metalwork was produced in exceedingly high quality an

A rare large Tibetan copper tea pot (Kettle) and base, 18-19th century, the tea pot is finely formed of hand-beaten copper, the handle is well cast in the form of an elongated dragon and spout emerging from a makara's mouth, with abundant and harmoniou

A Tibetan gilt-copper repousse seated figure of Ushnishavijaya, 18th century, 38.4 cm high. Provenance: purchased from Suzy Lebasi, Melbourne

A Sino-Tibetan gilt copper repoussé seated figure of Dpakara, Qianlong period, 18th century, 18.5 cm high

A Tibetan lacquered wood official document box, circa 18th century, with gold scrolling foliate designs over the red lacquer surface and with brass fittings was used in official ceremonies for handing over important documents and scrolls, 10 cm high, 63 cm

A Tibetan gilt copper repousse plaque, circa 18th century, depicting a bearded deity riding a snow lion, 20 cm high

A Tibetan gilt copper Bodhisattva, circa 18th century, the fully achieved figure depicting a Bodhisattva engaged in the divine dance has a long necklace hanging to the navel, anklets and armlets and well-rounded limbs and body, 3 cm high

A Tibetan gilt copper repousse plaque depicting a Bodhisattva, 18th Century, 36 cm high

A Tibetan Densatil (Gdan sa thel) gilt repousse copper panel of Tantric beings, circa 14-15th century, the panel of 5 cartouches formed by a foliate swirl depicts dancing dakinis, each brandishing a chopper (krrtikha) and skull cup (kepala), separated by a

An old bone and silver Tibetan 'kangling' Buddhist trumpet, with long femur bone, the widest end with large embossed and engraved decorative silver cover including a stylised dragon and dragon, scroll and leaf forms, the mouthpiece cap end with sty

An old Tibetan carved bone and horn demon dagger, the triangular horn blade with stylised fanged demon mask, the handle with encircling bands including further demon masks, skulls and other bands. Length 36 cm

A carved Tibetan ritual mask with a Curling Tongue and Tiara of Skulls, on fitted stand, 19th century, the deity Mahakala with deeply carved eyebrows and central third eye, fine patina and traces of lacquer, height 40 cm

A green Buddha with one hand holding a lotus flower and the other outstretched. Provenance: Purchased 1897-99 in (Tibet) then part of China and is sold on behalf the purchaser's great grandson. Minor restoration, 39 cm high

A gilt copper figure of Hevajra and Nairatmya Sino-Tibetan or Mongolian, late 18th century, the eight headed deity standing on two legs the other two raised, and with sixteen arms originally holding animals and personified elements, the two main arms embra

A Tibetan Pyramid shaped lidded box, with painted birds and flowers. Height 32 cm

Tibetan gilt metal resting Buddha statue,. Wt.36 cm, diameter 15 cm, height 18 cm

Tibetan gilt metal garuda bird figure, standing on a prostrate mythological figure, (a deity of protection), height 39.5 cm, width 54 cm

Large Tibetan gilt metal seated Buddha, 47.5 cm high, corrosion.

Vintage Tibetan silver mani prayer wheel, with filigree and semi precious stones decoration, 19.5 cm high

Tibetan repousse vajrasattva head dress, made from silver and copper, in conical form with three rounded tiers separated by foliate bands. The attached silver repousse tiara depicting 5 copper Jina Buddha's in relief

Tibetan gilt bronzed figure of a white Tara, (known as mother of liberation), with bejeweled adornments, height 29.5 cm

A Tibetan ceremonial 'Chab Shub', 18th century, made from old Chinese brocaded silk, with a turquoise-inlaid gilt bronze stopper, 36.5 cm long, 23.5 cm wide. Reference: see Barbara Lipton, Treasures of Tibetan Art: Collections of the Jacques Marchais Museu

A rare Tibetan parcel- gilt silver-inlaid wrought- iron Phurba, circa 16th century, the central Vajra with slightly moveable prongs, the top with a gilt three-headed wrathful deity crowned with skulls, the blade with a three dimensional gilt Makara and sli

A Tibetan gold and red lacquered image of white Tara, early Qing Dynasty, 18th century, the Bodhisattva covered in jewels and necklaces, seated on a double-lotus throne in Padmasana, the right hand in Varada mudra, the left hand in Vitaka mudra, the red la

A Tibetan ritual water bottle, Ming Dynasty and later, 16th and later, the Chinese silk and fine gold thread kesi cover with a front on Imperial dragon in pursuit of a flaming pearl, mounted with a silver stopper and a woven cotton band attached to an ambe

A Tibetan repousse copper and silver Gao, 18th-19th century, inset with semi-precious stones, finely decorated with the eight Buddhist precious symbols, a mask of Kirtimukha at the base, 15 cm high

A Sino Tibetan marble Guanyin, seated on a double lotus leaf throne, an Inscription on base and reverse, dated 1926, the full face of the figure looking solemn, seated cross legged and holding a ball of life in her lap, traces of gilt on the throne. Height

A Tibetan silver and copper prayer wheel, early 20th century, with inlaid turquoise and coral, with a black lacquered wooden handle, possibly later, 39 cm long

A Tibetan copper and silver teapot, 19th century, finely decorated with silver foliate scrolls, the eight auspicious symbols are engraved around the neck, 30.5 cm high, /

A Tibetan silver knife and scabbard, 19th century, repousse and chased decoration with deer, peacock and floral motifs, 28.8 cm long

Oriental silver belt. Nine rectangular sections with bells suspended. Possibly Tibetan. Length 71 cm

A late 19th century Tibetan door, with dragon painted on cloth and applied, 180 x 84 cm.

A Tibetan silver altar stand inlaid with coral & turquoise coloured beads, 20th century, the inset amber windows depicting a mythical beast on front & verso, a copper base. Height 26 cm

A fine Tibetan silver and parcel-gilt teapot, early 20th century, with exceptional repousse and hand tooled decoration, Makara formed spout and dragon handle, the lower section with a very finely chased continuous floral scroll, the cover with lotus bud fi

Tibetan Buddha, 22 cm high approx.

17th / 18th century Tibetan lama prayer scroll box leather (yak skin) cantered / tapered shape, with metal mounts, 18 cm high, 25 cm wide, 14 cm deep

Antique Tibetan miniature silver scroll holder, approx. 7.5 cm long

A Tibetan seated Buddha, gilt metal, modelled with three faces and multiple arms, seated upon a double lotus throne. Height 17 cm

Lama's Tantric Crown, Mongolia, late 19th century, painted with a single Buddha on each leaf of the Crown, this tantric Tibetan lama Crown was made of multi-ply, hand-painted paper during the late 19th or very early 20th century. Through a fabric ribbo

A large & finely painted Mongolian Tantric Buddhist painting on silk, late 19th century, depicting five wrathful deities & a Bodhisattva, Tibetan script on bottom edge, this painting is of rare tantric Iconography (Museum conservation framed). Prov