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Anonymous, After The Album of Silk and Rice Production, ink and colour on silk, seven album leaves, each inscribed by the artist, unsigned and undated, including numbers 8, 18, 21, 22 from the 'Rice Production', and 7, 9, 13 from the 'Silk Prod

An Indian miniature painting Jaipur school, 19th century, depicting seated portrait of Maharaja, opaque watercolour and ink on paper, 16 cm x 12.5 cm

A framed Japanese scroll painting, ink on silk Hokusai school, Edo / Meiji period, Bold and impressive work by the school of Katsushika Hokusai (1760-1849) of a tiger emerging from the bamboo featuring superb brushwork in the fur and markings. Almost nobod

Two Japanese large Format Ukiyo-e Bijin-ga, beautiful Women & flowers, each signed + red seals, Showa period, 20th century, the woodblock prints, ink & colour on paper of beautiful women & flowers are two of the themes that many artist perfecte

The Bodhidharma ink & Color on paper, signed Shou Zhi with red seal, 19th/20th century, carrying a long staff with a red gourd, after Qi Bai Shi, the monk credited with bringing Zen Buddhism to china, 160 x 58 cm

Two Chinese scrolls, ink & colour on paper & silk, Wintersweet & bamboo after Zheng Banqiao [1693 ­1766], the first sprig of spring blossum flowering in time for Chinese new year since the 11th century & bamboo sybolises strength, stands ta

A Chinese hanging scroll ink & colour scroll on paper, signed Gui Zhou & red seal, 190 x 62 cm

A hanging scroll ink & colour on paper, auspicious Pines in remote mountains, signature Yunyan Shanren & red seal, 1978, brown glazed scroll ends, 182 x 60 cm

Hanging scroll ink & colour on paper, Path to Rocky Outcrop, signed Yuan Zhen & red seal, 1973, Tian Men Ridge on Huang Shan mountain, 172 x 58 cm

Hanging scroll, ink & Color on paper, signed Chao Feng with red seal, idyllic & remote mansion in a valley with fast flowing river..., 182 x 58 cm

20th century Chinese school, landscape, Freely executed in ink and wash on paper, with an oval red seal and square seal above. Height 30 cm, width 70 cm

20th century Chinese school, a traditional lake and mountain landscape with pavilions, on paper in ink and subdued colours, with seal and characters upper right. Height 31 cm, width 37 cm

A fine Chinese painting of an eagle, hanging scroll, early 17th century, Anonymous, after Wen Tong (1019-1079), framed, the eagle is perched standing alone on a mountain peak, the calligraphy to the upper right, translation, 'Painted by Wen Tong, an ea

Zen scroll, ink on paper, Edo period, C.1800, signed Dokuan, Kakejiku (vertical hanging scroll), ink on paper featuring a passage of a poem by eighth century Chan Buddhist recluse Hanshan, 'White clouds embracing the hidden stones', the artwork exc

A framed Chinese painting by Fang Zhaolin (1914-2006), The foolish old man who tried to move the Mountain (1975), ink and colour on paper, 105 x 69.5 cm, Inscribed: 'Picture of moving a mountain. I have already painted this same subject twice before. T

A framed Chinese painting by Tang Yunming (1953-), Dicui Gorge on the Daning River, ink and colour on paper, signed and one seal of the artist, 133 x 69 cm

A set of eight Chinese framed rice paper paintings, 19th century, very well painted with Buddhist and Taoist deities, ink and colour on paper, 19.8 x 28 cm. Provenance: Private Queensland Collection

A famed Chinese ink and colour painting by Che Pengfei (1951-), Cattle Gap, ink and colour on paper, signed, inscribed and three seals of the artist, 133.5 x 66 cm

A framed Chinese painting by Cheng Jiezi (1910-1987), Yonghuai Guji Qi San, ink and colour on paper, inscribed, signed and three seals of the artist, 67 x 47.5 cm

A framed Chinese painting by Chen Jiezi (1910-1987), Scholar in a landscape 1974, ink and colour on paper, inscribed, signed and two seals of the artists, 100 x 38 cm, 1910-1987, 1974

A Chinese hardwood table screen with ink enamel porcelain panels, early 20th century, well painted with landscapes, whole size: 60.5 cm high, 60 cm wide, each panel about 10x 20 cm (ex frame). Provenance: Old ACT Collection

A rare Tibetan Thangka depicting Amityus, circa 14th Century, ink and pigment on cloth, 62X49 cm

A Tibetan Thangka ink and colour on paper, 80 x 55 cm

A Japanese ink and colour on silk, the setting red Sun with monograms, representing longevity and wisdom, signed Wen Guan with red seal mark, 185 x 60 cm

A booklet of Chinese paintings in the manner of Feng Zhi Kai (1898-1975), Republic era, 1948, a hand sewn booklet comprising some seventeen paintings or cartoons of everyday life in ink and colours, each with script and red seal, length 32.5 cm, width 23 c

A Chinese hanging scroll on silk, a traditional mountainous landscape scene in monochrome black ink on a deep beige gold silk mounted on paper, with script and red seal mark to upper section, length 91 cm, width 21 cm

A Japanese Meiji period multi-face carved ivory cane handle, the 17 characterful faces with various expressions, black ink stained eyes. Diameter 3.5 cm

A large table scroll, ink and colour on paper, signed Zhou Shang Wen, 1772, two red seals, panorama of West Lake, Suzhou, 96 x 370 cm

Style of Jiao Bingzhen, Late 19TH/20th century, Hundred Boys' at play, Style of Jiao Bingzhen, Late 19TH/20th century, Hundred Boys' at play, ink and colour on silk, a pair framed, each inscribed and with five seals, 93 x 30.5 cm. Provenance: Nagel

Japanese ivory Shunga okimono, early 20th century, hair engraved and stained with ink, signed, length 5 cm

Japanese ivory netsuke, early 20th century, depicting a squirrel on a chestnut, details engraved and stained with ink, red incised signature to underside, single himotoshi, together with Japanese Negoro lacquer netsuke of Shishi, lying with its cub, unsign

Japanese ivory netsuke, Meiji period, late 19th century, by Minjo, depicting two sumo wrestlers, details engraved and stained with ink, signed on an inlaid red lacquer tablet, single himotoshi, height 5 cm

A carved Chinese jade seal, in modulating ochre and tan colours with a fine polished patina, carved as a rock with four chilongs clambering up and through crevices, seal script to the base with remnant red ink, height 9.5 cm

A Chinese bronze ink box, Qing Dynasty, late 19th century, the circular box with lid well engraved and inlaid with silver and other metals in low relief and depicting an elderly bearded man buffeted by the breeze in a pine tree landscape, height 5 cm, diam

A large and important Tibetan thangka, depicting multiple characters from the Buddhist pantheon, portrayed in five circular mandala and upon the surrounding ground. Painted in polychrome on fine cotton framed by multiple brocade borders. The reverse painte

A Japanese six panel screen, Sumi (ink) on gold foil, 20th century, unsigned, a single pine tree with branches aloft in ink, mounted in black lacquer frame, each panel 166.5 x 61.5 cm. Provenance: the collection of a Curator & Collector, New South Wale

A Chinese painting of a Kingfisher with Loquats, Ding Yanyong (1902-1978), Cyclical date, 1975, ink and pigment on paper, inscription with artist seal, 138 x 68 cm, depicting a kingfisher perched on a Loquat bough, influenced by the works of famed Ming pai

Ink and colour on silk, butterflies in the Flowering Blooms, a Poem, signed by Peiying, flower specimens, Magnolia, cherry blossom, iris and rose (2), 48 x 54 cm

Ink and colour on paper, summer landscape in Southern village, china, inscribed by Chu Zhongwei, dated 2003, signature and red seal top right, framed, verso label, Stanley gallery, 93 x 84 cm

Ink and colour on paper, Albino money, signed Chen Min and red seal, mid 20th century, hardwood frame, 54 x 35 cm

Hanging scroll, ink and Color on silk, 'Can a leopard change it's Spots?' signed Liu Mei with red seal, 182 x 61 cm