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A Chinese blue and white brush pot, Kangxi period (1662-1722), Very well painted within two shaped panels, one with a mountains landscape, and the opposing panel with deer and crane, beside a gnarled pine, all in vibrant cobalt blue, 16 cm high, 18.5 cm di

Wang Bingrong biscuit fired brush pot of cylindrical form with an enclosed mouth rim, above a molded & applied scene of clouds, willow trees, garden rocks & four figures, the recessed base with an impressed seal 'Wang Bingrong zuo', height

A pair of 19th century Chinese carved bamboo brush pots with English silver mounts, carved with multiple figures within walled gardens and buildings, the shaped silver top rims and scrolling bamboo form handles hallmarked London 1879 by Rupert Favell. Diam

A Chinese yueyao celadon-glaze washer, Eastern Jin dynasty, 4th/5th century, with three embossed animal masks over a band of low-relief diaper ground around the rim, 19.5 cm diameter x 7.5 cm high. Provenance: Private collection, Sydney

A celadon jade 'peony' washer Qing dynasty, the open bloom borne on a branch forming the openwork foot with further branches bearing leaves and flowers and forming the handle to one side, the pale stone with some faint brown and opaque white suffus

A celadon jade 'lotus' washer late Qing dynasty, of lappet shape, carved in low relief on the exterior with a continuous lotus pool, the flowers and leaves rising from the rippling water around the base, the stone tinted with russet suffusions and

A bamboo brush pot, carved in the round with a village scene, with an inscription, News of Victory from East mountain Wang song, after Qing Dynasty master of bamboo carving, height 15 cm

A Chinese porcelain blue and white brush pot, cylindrical shape, decorated with a figure riding a deer in a landscape. Height 14 cm

A Huanghuali wood brush pot, of cylindrical shape with slightly concave wool, displaying good figured grain, a removable insert to the centre of the base. Height 14.5 cm, diameter 12.5 cm

A Chinese Zisa brush washer mark of Chen Ziqi, 20th century, 16.4 cm long, 9.3 cm wide

Niantu Wucai lotus shaped Brushwasher painted with five Imperial dragons with five phoenix amongst fireballs, clouds & ocean waves. Stamped with a double ring mark & signed with six characters. Diameter 17 cm

A Chinese hongmu timber brush pot, cylindrical shape with slightly waisted walls. Height 13.5 cm

Chinese blue and white brush pot, decorated in the Kangxi manner with underglaze blue and white moutain landscape., height 18 cm, diameter 22 cm

A hexagonal brush pot painted with a pie Bald horse and red, Republic period, with a Tang Poem on reverse, height 12 cm

A Chinese porcelain brush pot painted with Boys at Play, Hongxian mark, height 12 cm

Chinese celadon brush washer of lobed form, in a light crackle glaze finish, height 7 cm

Chinese bamboo brush pot, incised with mountain scene and calligraphy, height 15 cm

Chinese porcelain brush pot, square section rectangular brush pot, with famille rose decoration to each side of scholars and sages, red character to base, height 15 cm

Chinese three piece silver dressing table set, including hand mirror (glass broken), hair brush, & fitting for comb (comb missing). Engraved decoration. Pieces marked DD.90, Wt. 430grams approx (total).

A Chinese brush pot, probably Huanghuali, a removable bung, height 15, 12.5 cm

A Chinese brush pot, probably Huanghuali, height 15.5 cm

Antique Chinese blue & white opium pipe with metal mounts along with a coral & bone calligraphy brush (2)

An exceptional Chinese black lacquer coloured stone and wood four panel standing screen, entirely decorated in relief in various coloured stones and marbles with various precious objects, vases of various forms, some with floral sprays, raised on stands et

Chinese black ceramic brush pot, village scene decoration to 4 sides, character marks to base, 12 cm high.

Chinese blue ceramic brush pot, 6 character reign mark to base. diameter 11 cm height 7 cm.

A celadon jade 'finger citron' washer late, Qing dynasty, in the form of a hollowed fruit borne on gnarled leafy branches extending in relief over the shallow incurved sides, the stone of even pale celadon tone with a small russet suffusion on the

A celadon jade 'phoenix and lingzhi' brush rest, Qing dynasty, the long-tailed bird perched on entwined openwork branches bearing numerous fungus stems in high and pierced relief, the pale celadon stone of even tone with a slight russet striation,

A good tall Chinese late 19th century carved ivory brush holder C. 1890, the elephant tusk section finely carved with a continuous scene of figures, pagodas and trees on a background of intricate pierced intersecting circles. Wooden base. Height 22.5 cm

A fine green jade brush pot, a fine and translucent cylindrical pot in rich deep green hues, continuously decorated in low relief with prunus blossom, bamboo and peony, with script to the body and a four character seal mark underside, height 17 cm

A Chinese zitan brush pot, people's Republic era, second half 20th century, the near black timber brush pot fashioned as a gnarled and knotted tree branch, height 18.5 cm

Large bamboo brush pot. High relief carving of two koalas and gumtree. Height 23.5 cm

Chinese porcelain brush washer. Lotus and frog decoration on speckled green ground. Height 8 cm, and length 20 cm

A Chinese painting of a Kingfisher with Loquats, Ding Yanyong (1902-1978), Cyclical date, 1975, ink and pigment on paper, inscription with artist seal, 138 x 68 cm, depicting a kingfisher perched on a Loquat bough, influenced by the works of famed Ming pai

A Chinese porcelain Cloud shaped brush pot, the recessed base with a Jiaqing seal mark, late Qing Dynasty, painted in coral red enamel with a cartouche of two boys studying in the garden in the famille rose palette, height 10 cm

A Chinese soapstone scholar's brush rest, using the natural shape, inscribed with a poem and artist name, the poem describing the golden jade and appreciating the quality from Jing Shan mountain, on the underside, Jin Yu Qi Xiang, the jade with gold an

A tall Chinese bamboo brush pot, carved with the name He Yunxiang, 19th/20th century, height 23 cm

A Chinese lacquer and inlaid brush pot, the square shape with chamfered corners, Qianlong mark to the base, inlaid with mother of pearl with gilt highlights, height 14 cm

A Chinese scholar's bamboo brush pot, the cylindrical shape carved with Minimal vertical lines, 19th/20th century, height 18 cm

A Chinese Longquan celadon brush washer, Southern Song Dynasty (1127-1298), with fine crackle glaze, 11.5 cm diameter, similar example please see Chinese Antiquities From the Brian S. McElney Collection, p.93, pl.53. Provenance: An old Melbourne private co

A Chinese red glazed brush washer, late 19th -early 20th century, 11.5 cm wide. Provenance: An old private Melbourne collection