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A pair of 19th century Chinese carved bamboo brush pots with English silver mounts, carved with multiple figures within walled gardens and buildings, the shaped silver top rims and scrolling bamboo form handles hallmarked London 1879 by Rupert Favell. Diam

A carved bamboo brushpot, Bitong Qing dynasty, 19th century, the cylindrical sides carved in high relief with openwork details depicting the narrative 'Seven Sages in a Bamboo Grove', the sages variously occupied, some seated playing a game of weiq

A bamboo brush pot, carved in the round with a village scene, with an inscription, News of Victory from East mountain Wang song, after Qing Dynasty master of bamboo carving, height 15 cm

A carved bamboo brushpot, Bitong, Republic period, intricate carving of figures in a landscape., height 16 cm

Chinese bamboo brush pot, incised with mountain scene and calligraphy, height 15 cm

An inscribed 'Three Friends' brushpot seal mark of Qianlong, of cylindrical form, the exterior decorated in the style of Tang Ying in 'famille-rose' enamels and 'grisaille' with a pair of birds beside prunus, pine and bamboo, an ins

A fine green jade brush pot, a fine and translucent cylindrical pot in rich deep green hues, continuously decorated in low relief with prunus blossom, bamboo and peony, with script to the body and a four character seal mark underside, height 17 cm

Large bamboo brush pot. High relief carving of two koalas and gumtree. Height 23.5 cm

A tall Chinese bamboo brush pot, carved with the name He Yunxiang, 19th/20th century, height 23 cm

A Chinese scholar's bamboo brush pot, the cylindrical shape carved with Minimal vertical lines, 19th/20th century, height 18 cm

A Chinese carved bamboo brushpot, Bitong, Qing Dynasty, the cylindrical shape is deeply carved with a scene of two men & an ox sheltering under a pine tree, condition: some wear to lacquer. Provenance: Private Sydney collector. Height 13 cm

A Chinese blue and white porcelain brushpot, Republic era, early 20th century, the cylindrical brushpot, decorated in the Kangxi manner with a continuous scene of scholars and notable figures and children in a fenced garden within a traditional rockwork, p

A Chinese bamboo brush pot, Bitong, the natural node has a poem on the reverse, fine patina, height 17 cm

A bamboo brushpot, 19th/20th century of cylindrical form, carved in high and undercut relief on one side with a group of six boys variously occupied, seated beneath tall banana palms beside rockwork in a fenced enclosure, 14 cm high

A carved and pierced bamboo brushpot, 19th/20th century of cylindrical form, decorated in low relief with two figures standing beneath an overhanging pine tree beside rocky cliffs, one holding a fan and the other a straw broom, a two character signature to

A bamboo brushpot with calligraphy decorations 15 cm high

Two Chinese wooden Brushpots. Each carved with scholars engaged in leisurely pursuits, including games of 'Go' and drinking tea in bamboo groves and under pine trees, each with a tripod base, 18.5 cm high

A Chinese carved bamboo brush pot carved to the exterior with rows of Chinese characters, 17 cm high

A hardstone inlaid hardwood brushpot, Bitong, Qing dynasty of cylindrical form, the sides inlaid with a pair of kingfishers in flight above a lotus pond, one holding a fish in its beak rising above lotus flowers and leaves and tall bamboo growing beside ro

A zitan brush pot, fashioned as a tree trunk with pits, hollows, with small carved and pierced growths of pine and bamboo and two naturalistic cicadas, the wood in dark chocolate with blonde tones. Height 20 cm

A Chinese bamboo brush pot and wrist rest, probably late Qing, late 19th to early 20th century, the squared brush pot with an applied base having script to three faces, the wrist rest lightly engraved and inked with a gesticulating figure and script. Heigh

Small Chinese famille rose brushpot, mid-20th century, depicting a long tailed bird on bamboo branches, signed and sealed Liu Yuceng (1904-1969). Height 13.5 cm

A large blue and white Chinese brushpot, 20th century, the cylindrical pot with continuous and varied figural narrative scenes set in a sublime and symbolic landscape with 'Friends of winter' foliage, bamboo, pine and plum blossom; bearing underglaze Kangx

A natural-shaped Chinese bamboo brush pot, Qing dynasty, 14.2 cm high. Provenance: Private collection NSW, Purchased 20 years ago in Wyndham Street, Hong Kong

A carved Chinese bamboo 'scroll' brushpot, Late Qing dynasty to Republic period, 14.5 cm high. Provenance: Private collection NSW, Purchased 20 years ago in Wyndham Street, Hong Kong

A carved Chinese bamboo brush pot, Late Qing dynasty to Republic period, embossed inscription attributed to Jinghe studio, 10.5 cm high. Provenance: Private collection NSW, Purchased 20 years ago in Wyndham Street, Hong Kong

An incised Chinese bamboo 'seal' brush pot, Qing dynasty, incised around the body with four square seal marks, 9 cm diam. 12.3 cm high. Provenance: Private collection NSW, Purchased 20 years ago on Wyndham Street in Hong Kong

A Chinese bamboo brushpot, with a slightly extended lip and base with petite feet, relief carved to the body with scholars in a pine landscape and a boating party on a lake. Height 16.5 cm. Diameter 14 cm

Vintage Chinese bamboo brush pot with calligraphy, 16 cm high approx.

A Chinese carved bamboo brush pot, carved around the body with garden landscape, signed Cheng Zhi, 16.3 cm high

A Chinese incised 'cabbage' bamboo brush pot, Attributed to Zhi Yan incised two verses to the back, 16 cm high

A Chinese carved bamboo brush pot depicting gentlemen at leisure. signed. Height 14.8 cm. Width 11 cm

A good ivory bamboo-form brushpot, early 20th century, decorated in relief with a pair of quails beneath exotic plants issuing from rock-work, 19 cm high, 12 cm wide, 11.5 cm deep

A large Chinese ivory brush pot, early 20th century, well carved in relief with two large panels, one of prunus, the other peony and bamboo, bordered by a floral scroll at the top and below, 19 cm high, 14 cm wide 12.5 cm deep

A Chinese brushpot. Republic era, the low broad straight sided bowl with a continuous sublime mountainous and village scene populated with 'Three friends of winter' vegetation, pine, plum blossom and bamboo; seal underside. Height 6.5 cm. Diameter 16.5 cm