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A fine green jade brush pot, a fine and translucent cylindrical pot in rich deep green hues, continuously decorated in low relief with prunus blossom, bamboo and peony, with script to the body and a four character seal mark underside, height 17 cm

A Chinese white jade brush pot, of traditional straight sided form carved with a pine branch motif, height 15.5 cm

A Chinese jade double brushpot, the small pot in semi translucent celadon fashioned as a semi open lotus or bud with a monkey and vegetation to the sides. Height 3 cm. Length 9 cm. Width 7 cm

A jade brushpot featuring carved cranes and pine trees. Purchased Taylor's Chin Hua Galleries, Sydney 17 cm

A beehive peach bloom brushpot Kangxi mark. A superb brushpot has been turned into an inkwell using silver and jade mounts (the jade most probably Ming dynasty), to the base a six-character Kangxi mark and possibly of the period. Height 10 cm

Jade five Fortunes brush pot carved to show the five bats grouped together of the motif of the 'Five Good Fortunes.' These five good fortunes are wealth, health, longevity, love and virtue. Length 12.2 cm

A Chinese hard stone/jade brush pot. Decorated with a dragon handle. Length 9 cm

A large spinach-green jade brushpot of cylindrical form, the steep sides carved in relief on the exterior with seven writhing dragons pursuing flaming pearls on a dense ground of cloud scrolls, within raised bands at the base and rim, the slightly mottled

A Chinese pale green jade brush pot, of oval shape with carved and pierced decoration and deep relief of hornless dragons amongst clouds. Length 8 cm

A Chinese double jade brush pot, contemporary, the conjoined pots in a celadon shade embellished with carved and pierced foliate and branch decorations and with two exultant miniature figures clasping the edges. Height 3 cm. Width 10 cm. Depth 7 cm

A celadon jade 'Dragon' brushpot, the cylindrical sides carved in low relief on the exterior with pairs of dragons confronted on flaming pearls among trailing cloud scrolls, the pale stone with some darker suffusions, box 14.5 cm

A celadon jade brushpot, Qing Dynasty of cylindrical form, the exterior carved in relief with two figures seated conversing beside bamboo and rockwork and a maiden walking on a pavilion terrace nearby, with 'The three friends' growing in a continuous garde

Carved green jade brush pot, 14 cm high, seal mark to base

Jade carved brush pot featuring courtesans and decorated with text. Height 13.5 cm.

Jade carved brush pot featuring five children and text. Height 12 cm.

A Chinese deep spinach jade brushpot, 20th century, the cylindrical body carved with rampant dragons pursuing the fiery pearls midst scrolling clouds. Incised four character mark (the collection of Qianlong) to base. 16 cm high

Chinese jade/ hardstone brush pot with printed design. Height 15 cm

A rare large spinach jade brush pot Qing Dynasty, (1736-1912). Qianlong seal mark finely shaped from one large stone of good semi-translucent colour, supported on three short feet 15.5 cm diameter. Height 15.9 cm fitted huanghuali case. Diameter 18.2 cm