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Japanese Shibayama brush pot. Ivory (elephant), finely decorated to front & verso, with mother of pearl & semi precious stone, apple blossoms, finished with a silver fretwork applied rim, signature to side, height 41 cm

A hardstone inlaid hardwood brushpot Qing dynasty, of cylindrical form, the straight sides inlaid in various hardstones, ivory and mother of pearl with three cranes beneath a blossoming prunus tree growing beside a banana palm and rockwork, a fourth in fli

C1920's Chinese ivory brush pot decorated with trees and birds, 13 cm high (including timber base)

A Chinese incised ivory brush pot, 11.1 cm diameter. Provenance: Western Australia private collection, acquired locally in the 1970s (by repute), Western Australia private collection, imported to Australia in the 1940s (by repute)

An small Chinese ivory carved brush pot, 20th century. 9.5 cm high

Early Chinese carved & reticulated ivory brush pot (missing base) on carved wood stand. Provenance: Estate late Lawrence & Nora (nee Moon) Illingworth - Collected Shanghai c.1920s-30s; thence by descent. Height 25 cm (total). Wt.479g (section)

A hardstone inlaid hardwood brushpot, Bitong, Qing dynasty of cylindrical form, the sides inlaid with a pair of kingfishers in flight above a lotus pond, one holding a fish in its beak rising above lotus flowers and leaves and tall bamboo growing beside ro

A zitan and ivory brushpot, 19th/20th century of irregular cylindrical form, the straight sides inlaid in ivory with a sage carrying a boy on his shoulders and a boy attendant at his side, beside rocks and with a bat and clouds above, the reverse carved wi

Chinese carved ivory tusk brushpot, circa 1900, carved with a continuous scene of figures at leisure on a mountainous landscape, apocryphal Qianlong seal mark to the base, wood stand. Height 11.5 cm

A carved ivory brushpot, Qing dynasty, 18th/19th century, of cylindrical form, the sides carved in deep relief on the exterior with a scene of boys celebrating beside a garden pavilion, some carrying a banner, others playing musical instruments and others

An ivory figural okimono, late Meiji period, of a man on a rocky ledge carrying a basket on his head filled with gourds, the fruiting vine trailing down to a small boy standing on a lower ledge; together with a pair of small Shibayama brushpots, each decor

A Chinese hardwood brush pot inlaid with hardstone and ivory, 21.8 cm diameter, 21.3 cm high

A good ivory bamboo-form brushpot, early 20th century, decorated in relief with a pair of quails beneath exotic plants issuing from rock-work, 19 cm high, 12 cm wide, 11.5 cm deep

A large Chinese ivory brush pot, early 20th century, well carved in relief with two large panels, one of prunus, the other peony and bamboo, bordered by a floral scroll at the top and below, 19 cm high, 14 cm wide 12.5 cm deep

A small Chinese ivory carving of an immortal and a small reticulated brush pot, both Qing dynasty, 19th century, 13 and 7 cm high

Ivory brush pot and lid c. 1800, with carved dragon decoration and seated man on top. Rim damage to part of lid. Height 14.5 cm

A Chinese carved and pierced ivory brush pot, Repulic period, of various figures amongst a garden pavilion, against a pierced brocade field, the base removable, 11 cm high

A c.1900 carved ivory brush pot, the front with two figures, one with a butterfly, the reverse with florals issuing from a rocky outcrop, no base and partial rough worked top rim. Height 10 cm

A good late 19th century Chinese finely carved ivory tusk section brush pot carved in relief with figures in a landscape of trees, mountains and foliage highlighted with butterflies, birds and animals, all on a fine circular repeating trellis type ground,

A Chinese Ivory brushpot, incised and stained with insects, flowers and rockwork, the reverse side, with five lines of caligraphy, heavily crazed

19th century small Chinese ivory brushpot carved with figures in a palace garden landscape. Height 9 cm

19th century Chinese ivory brushpot carved with ladies and dignitaries at leisure in a garden surrounded by pine trees and distant mountains, raised on a support carved with peony blossoms and scrolling foliage. Height 12.5 cm

Three ivory carvings, late Qing Dynasty, comprising a small cylindrical brushpot and two rectangular table screens, each carved with figures variously occupied in rocky landscapes with pine trees and other vegetation, two wood stands (5) 9.5 cm, 11.5 cm an

Two ivory Brushpots, Qing Dynasty, 19th century, comprising one engraved with figures variously occupied in a continuous lakeside landscape with willow, pine and rocky cliffs, the decoration picked out in black, later wood base, wood stand; the other simul

A Chinese well-carved ivory brush pot, Qing dynasty, 18/19th century, with inscription, 13 cm high, 10 cm wide

Carved ivory brush pot, carved with dancing geisha girls and suitor with gilded highlights on carved and painted stand. Height 15 cm. Width 11 cm

Three cylindrical ivory Brushpots, late Qing Dynasty, comprising two carved with dragons and one with maidens in a garden, reserved on pierced diaper grounds, wood stands (6) 12.5 cm, 7.5 cm, and 9.5 cm

A cylindrical ivory brushpot, late Qing Dynasty, the sides carved in relief on a pierced diaper ground with sages and attendants in a continuous garden of trees and pavilions, wood stand (2) 18 cm

Three cylindrical ivory brushpots, Qing Dynasty, comprising one carved in relief with attendants accompanying a figure in a carriage greeted by a maiden looking down from the terrace of a pavilion, on a pierced diaper ground; another similar, wood stand; a

An ivory brushpot, Qing Dynasty, 19th century, of plain cylindrical form; together with a miniature ivory vase incised with a landscape scene, box (2) 9 cm and 8.5 cm

A Japanese ivory brush-pot carved with monkeys, Meiji period (1868-1912)

Hardstone inlaid zitan brushpot, Kangxi, the body set with ivory and semi precious stones including lapis lazuli, coral and turquoise, portraying two women of 'Long Eliza' form with children in domestic scenes. Provenance: Private Collection, South Austral

Ivory brush pot with triform base, carved with monkey front and back, lacking inserted base

A rare amber Chinese brush pot with ivory mounts 10 x 7.5 cm. Height 10 cm. Diameter 7.5 cm

Ivory brush pot with engraved ink designs of scholars, inscribed with a poem, two seals and a signature. Provenance: From the F.W. Bodor collection