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A Huanghuali wood brush pot, of cylindrical shape with slightly concave wool, displaying good figured grain, a removable insert to the centre of the base. Height 14.5 cm, diameter 12.5 cm

A Chinese brush pot, probably Huanghuali, a removable bung, height 15, 12.5 cm

A Chinese brush pot, probably Huanghuali, height 15.5 cm

A Chinese huanghuali brush pot with inlays of hardstones and mother-of-pearl, 18th century. the embellishment probably later,, 12 cm high. Provenance: Western Australia private collection, acquired in Japan in the 1960s, hence by descent (by repute)

A wood brushpot, Bitong Qing dynasty, of slightly waisted cylindrical form with inset base, the wood possibly huanghuali with attractive grain and patina, 14.5 cm high

A Chinese huanghuali brush pot, bitong, Late Ming to Early Qing dynasty 10.8 cm high, 7.5 cm diam. Provenance: NSW Private Collection

A Chinese Huanghuali brush pot, the concave body with a well marked grain. Height 15 cm

A Chinese Huanghuali brush pot, Bitong, Qing Dynasty, 18th/19th century, the slightly tapered sides, a fine patina with the distinctive grain, swirls and ghost eyes of the fine wood, the base with a separate plug. Provenance: acquired in Tianjian in early

Chinese hardwood brush pot possibly huanghuali, carved around the sides in imitation of burl wood. Height 16 cm

A large Chinese hardwood brush pot, possibly huanghuali wood. Height 25.2 cm. Depth 27.2 cm

A large Chinese wooden brush pot of cylindrical form, internal plug and footed base, possibly Huanghuali wood. Height 25 cm. Depth 27 cm

Old Chinese hard wood (Huang hua li wood) brush pot. Diameter 20 cm

A Chinese large cylindrical wooden brush pot with figured grain, and drain hole with wooden button plug. Possibly Huanghuali wood. Height 28 cm. Width 27.5 cm

A Chinese hardwood brushpot with applied metal, to the exterior in high relief of five oxen after the painting by Han Huang (723-787), the base and the interior applied with metal with studded accents to borders, incised four-character mark Jinxian Jushi t

Large Huanghuali brushpot with a slighty tapered waist & atrractive grains. 24.5 cm. 24 cm

A Chinese scholar's brush pot in huanghuali with exceptional natural wood markings. Qing dynasty 18th/19th century. The slight concave in the body highlighting the mountain ranges and ghost eyes. Condition: Some wear marks

Huanghuali brush pot with good patination 15 cm height, 14 cm diameter

A Chinese figured hardwood brush pot. Possibly huanghuali, slightly-waisted cylindrical with a flanged rim and foot, otherwise plain. Height 13.5 cm. Diameter 12 cm.

A Chinese Huanghuali brushpot, 18th century, Qing Dynasty, with large traces of original lacquer to the interior 14.8 cm high, 13.6 cm diameter

A Chinese Huanghuali brushpot (bitong), 17/18th century, early Qing Dynasty, the well-figured timber of reddish-brown colour. 18.7 cm high and 9 cm diameter. Provenance: private NSW collection

A hardwood brushpot (Bitong), Qing Dynasty, 18th/19th century, possibly 'Huanghuali', of plain cylindrical form, the grain richly figured in varied brown tones with attractive dark patina 14.5 cm. Provenance: Alice Boney, New York 1954 Johnstone and Fong

A Chinese Huang-hua-li carved brush pot, the small pot set with carved panels depicting a deity among clouds and bats among peaches. Height 20 cm

A Chinese huanghuali brushpot, Kangxi, 17th/18th century, the outer edges finely beaded, supported on three shallow bracket feet, good reddish colour, plug missing. 15 x 13.5 cm

A Chinese huanghuali brushpot, Kangxi, 17th/18th century, with very good polish and reddish-brown patina, flat base, plug missing. 15 x 14 cm

A large Chinese Huang-Hua-Li carved brush pot, 20th century, the heavily carved pot set with panels of Guanyin and sage in a garden, together with auspicious Chinese symbols. Height 32 cm. Diameter 28 cm

A Chinese Huang Huali brush pot, Shangxi Province, 18th century 19.5 x 20 cm

A rare large spinach jade brush pot Qing Dynasty, (1736-1912). Qianlong seal mark finely shaped from one large stone of good semi-translucent colour, supported on three short feet 15.5 cm diameter. Height 15.9 cm fitted huanghuali case. Diameter 18.2 cm

A Huanghuali brushpot with attractive 'Guilian' grains. Height 20 cm

Huanghuali brush pot. Dominant graining. Small fissure to bottom. Height 18 cm

A large Huanghuali brushpot, Qing Dynasty, 18th century. Well figured and with good colour

A Huanghuali brushpot, Qing Dynasty, 18th/19th century, the well figured timber, with a good colour and polish. Provenance: The collection of Franca Arena Ao

Early 20th C Huanghuali brush pot. Vertically ribbed sides. Height 16 cm