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A Chinese hongmu timber brush pot, cylindrical shape with slightly waisted walls. Height 13.5 cm

An exceptional Chinese black lacquer coloured stone and wood four panel standing screen, entirely decorated in relief in various coloured stones and marbles with various precious objects, vases of various forms, some with floral sprays, raised on stands et

A Chinese Rootwood brush pot, Bitong, Qing Dynasty, 18th/19th century, the gnarled wood is enhanced by the natural irregularities, the base of the bitong is closed by the node, acquired in Tianjian in early 1990s, height 20 cm

Chinese water lily brush pot, on timber stand, 13 cm high (pot) approx.

A Chinese dark rosewood brush pot, cylindrical shape, the walls with multiple protrusions from twig bases, Height 16 cm

A hardstone inlaid hardwood brushpot Qing dynasty, of cylindrical form, the straight sides inlaid in various hardstones, ivory and mother of pearl with three cranes beneath a blossoming prunus tree growing beside a banana palm and rockwork, a fourth in fli

C1920's Chinese ivory brush pot decorated with trees and birds, 13 cm high (including timber base)

A Chinese brush pot with central removable Bung, with a concave body, the red wood with dark blemish under a clear lacquer finish. Height 14, D 13.8 cm

An antique Oriental scholar's rock brush pot. Utilising the natural inflections of the pale timber and carved to depict a hollowed, gnarled and knotted trunk with provision for brushes, with intricate pierced carving to the sides of flowering prunus an

Chinese hexagonal wooden brush pot. Use patina. Provenance: Australian collector. Height 18 cm. Diameter 18 cm

Two similar Chinese wooden brush pots. Both of rustic design. Small losses to 1. Provenance: Australian collector.

Two various Chinese wooden brush pots. Both of circular design. Provenance: Australian collector.

A mother of pearl inlaid wooden brush pot, depicting branches of magnolia and other flowers amidst rockwork, with varying colours of hardstone including lapis lazuli detailing the slightly waisted sides of the pot, 10.5 cm high. Provenance: purchased 1970s

Antique Chinese rosewood hexagonal brush pot inlaid with mother of pearl of flowers and mounted with copper corners measures: 18 cm high

Early Chinese carved & reticulated ivory brush pot (missing base) on carved wood stand. Provenance: Estate late Lawrence & Nora (nee Moon) Illingworth - Collected Shanghai c.1920s-30s; thence by descent. Height 25 cm (total). Wt.479g (section)

A hardwood brushpot Bitong Qing dynasty, 19th century of slightly waisted cylindrical form 35.7 cm high

Huali wood scholar's brush pot with inlays of semi precious stones and mother of pearl

A Chinese carved 'Zhong Kui' hardwood brush pot, 14 cm high

An unusual Chinese metal mounted rosewood brushpot, Qing Dynasty, probably 19th century, with good patination and well carved from a single piece of timber, the brushpot of squared tapering form with a folded metal rim, each facet with incised script; inke

Chinese Brush pot, made from chickenwing wood. 14 cm high

A Chinese wood carved brush pot decorated with ducks on pond motifs 15 cm high

A hardstone inlaid hardwood brushpot, Bitong late Qing dynasty of cylindrical form, the sides inlaid in coloured stones and mother-of-pearl with a pair of birds in flight above flowering prunus, and with a two line inscription on the reverse 17.5 cm high

Two Chinese wooden Brushpots. Each carved with scholars engaged in leisurely pursuits, including games of 'Go' and drinking tea in bamboo groves and under pine trees, each with a tripod base, 18.5 cm high

A burl wood brush pot. naturalistically formed, 23 cm high

Chinese hardwood brush pot, approx 21 cm high and 21 cm dia

A Chinese 'Wood grain' glazed porcelain brush pot, 20th century, the quatrefoil shaped stand raised on small feet, decorated with a striking red brown wood grain glaze further decorated with a gold and black dragon, green glazed to the interior, with a tim

A hardstone inlaid hardwood brushpot, Bitong, Qing dynasty of cylindrical form, the sides inlaid with a pair of kingfishers in flight above a lotus pond, one holding a fish in its beak rising above lotus flowers and leaves and tall bamboo growing beside ro

A carved timber brushpot, later Qing Dynasty, 19th century, the hexagonal pot, each facet well carved with scrolls, auspicious symbols and vases of flowers upon an extended stepped base with incised and low relief patterns; bearing a jian ding wax seal und

Chinese timber brushpot, approximately 15 cm high

Chinese rosewood root brush pot, great patina, approx 12 cm high

Chinese carved ivory tusk brushpot, circa 1900, carved with a continuous scene of figures at leisure on a mountainous landscape, apocryphal Qianlong seal mark to the base, wood stand. Height 11.5 cm

Chinese rosewood tree form brushpot, measures 10 cm high, 10 cm wide

A carved ivory brushpot, Qing dynasty, 18th/19th century, of cylindrical form, the sides carved in deep relief on the exterior with a scene of boys celebrating beside a garden pavilion, some carrying a banner, others playing musical instruments and others

An ivory figural okimono, late Meiji period, of a man on a rocky ledge carrying a basket on his head filled with gourds, the fruiting vine trailing down to a small boy standing on a lower ledge; together with a pair of small Shibayama brushpots, each decor

A Chinese bronze and gilt footed brushpot decorated with roosters, stamp to base, with wooden stand. 7 cm high. 11 cm diameter

A Chinese bronze brushpot stamp to base, wooden stand 5 cm high. 7 cm wide

A Chinese hardwood brush pot inlaid with hardstone and ivory, 21.8 cm diameter, 21.3 cm high

A Chinese bamboo brush pot, the rectangular brush pot with a shaped extended rim and base in hardwood and raised on small feet, each face relief carved with traditional landscape and pavilion settings and populated with small figures. Height 16.5 cm. Width