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A collection of framed Asian illustrations, paintings, and prints, including a Japanese handpainted fan (9);

A Chinese framed fan painting, early 20th century, ink and colour on paper, inscribed, signed and one seal of the artist, with dedication, 15 x 50.2 cm

A Chinese fan painting by Xu Liangbiao, depicting figures beneath a willow; signature, date (1821) and calligraphic inscription to the upper left. Ink and watercolour on woven silk. Framed and with translation and artist's details verso. 23.5 cm x 24 cm

Framed Chinese fan painting, signed, 33 x 55.5 cm approx

A Chinese circular fan painting, dated 'Summer 1830', signed 'Xie Ting' painted as a gift, titled 'Dong Te with a straw hat', ink and colour on gold silk, framed and glazed, 23.5 cm diameter. Provenance: R & V Tregaskis, 1988, Old English Collection

Two Chinese three fan paintings framed as a triptychs. Ink on gold-flecked paper. Frame size 124 x 80 cm

Two Chinese fan paintings, late Qing Dynasty, ink and colour on paper, one depicting a scholar and acolytes, the other with a spotted deer and gnarled pine, artist seals and inscription, 52 cm wide and 48 cm wide

A framed landscape painting on a leaf of a folding fanAfter Yang Borun (1837 - 1911) with two monks playing chess under pine trees. Ink and colour on paper, leaf of folding fan. Inscribed Yang Borun, with a seal of the artistdated, the autumn of 1891

A Chinese framed fan painting 18th century or earlier. 9 x 24 cm, depicting beauties in a garden, three collectors seals

A Chinese framed fan painting 19th century. 1 x 16 cm, depicting a genre scene in ink and colour on paper

18th century fan painting. 'Chinese Estimate of an Englishman, lighter Than a feather'. Width 52 cm