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The earliest decanters date from the late seventeenth century and were made from blown moulded glass. They were used to serve wine at a time when there was a move towards less formal dining procedures and the reduced reliance on servants and waiters. The 1745 Excise Tax caused manufacturers to make decanters lighter in weight. The tax benefited the industry in Ireland where it did not apply. When the tax was repealed in 1845, a heavier gauge was reverted to. In the second half of the eighteenth century blue, green and amethyst coloured decanters were made. Decanters often sat on silver bottle coasters with baize bases (some even on castors) and could be 'pushed' around the dining table without making scratches or requiring serving staff.
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Waterford crystal 'Lismore' ships decanter with criss-cross & vertical cut detail with a multisided stem, with original box & sticker., height 25 cm

Waterford crystal 'Marquis' decanter having clear cut detail, stamped with an acid etched stamp 'Marquis by Waterford' to the base. Condition: good, minor wear to the base, height 24.5 cm

Waterford crystal Lismore decanter, height 34 cm approx

Waterford crystal 'Lismore' decanter of mallet shape, having a flat head stopper. Condition: good, minor wear to the base. Height 24 cm

A Waterford crystal ships decanter mid 20th century. Height 25 cm

A Waterford crystal 'Alana' ships decanter and an ashtray, 1952, decanter pattern introduced. Handcut, the decanter of typical ship form with a plain diamond design to the body, long slice cuts to the neck, a spherical stopper with hexagonal cuts a

Waterford crystal shipping decanter, together with a Stuart crystal decanter, a crystal jug and perfume bottle

A Waterford crystal ship's decanter, with all-over cut design, faceted neck and spherical faceted stopper. Height 25 cm

A Waterford 'Tramore'/'Maeve' wine decanter, second half 20th century, pattern introduced in 1968 and later in 1976 as Maeve, the decanter of tapering straight sided baluster form with diamond cuts to the lower section, navette incisions to

A Waterford decanter, second half 20th century, the Prussian styled decanter with a starburst mushroom stopper, and a sliced and ringed neck and collar, the body with a stylish deep trapezoid cut border, a typical starburst underside with watermark. Height

A Waterford 'Colleen' pattern decanter, ovoid body with spherical stopper. Height 26.5 cm

A fine barrel shaped crystal decanter by Waterford, the decanter with a lens cut border, diamond points to the lower section, with a slice cut neck and a cup form rim supporting a diamond point and star burst globular stopper; a starburst underside; with s

A fine crystal ship's decanter by Waterford, of typical form with a slice cut neck and palm cut to the body with a starburst cut base and a knopped incised stopper; with Waterford stencil mark underside. Height 28 cm

A Waterford 'Lismore' crystal decanter. A Waterford 'Lismore' crystal decanter

A Waterford decanter, of tapering form with a slice cut neck to a cup shaped rim and surmounted by a vertical cut domed stopper, the body with a cross hatched diamond design and raised on a pedestal foot, with a star burst pattern underside; stencil mark t

Waterford crystal ship's decanter, Lismore pattern, unused still in original box

Waterford crystal 'Alana' pair of ships decanters with 'Waterford' acid stamp to the base. Height 26 cm

A Waterford cut crystal Tramore pattern decanter, the tapered cylindrical body with diamond and linial cut decoration, flared foot, tapered spire type stopper. Acid etched maker's mark. Height 32.5 cm