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A Waterbury mantle clock, with pendulum, 51 x 39 x 11 cm

Waterbury mantle clock having brass mounts, columned support, with Westminter chime, with a key & pendulum. Height 41 cm

Waterbury cast brass carriage clock stamped to verso. Condition, good to fair, minor wear, needs a service, height, 10 cm

American Waterbury wooden cased mantle clock with key and pendulum, 26 cm high

Antique Waterbury miniature carriage clock patented 1891. Height 8 cm approx

An American Waterbury 'Devore' mantle clock circa 1904. An American Waterbury 'Devore' mantle clock circa 1904 1/2 bell & 1 hour cathedral gong, key and pendulum included. 26.5 cm

American Waterbury mantle clock retailed by Joe Davis of Sydney, with key & pendulum, 57cm high approx

Antique Waterbury wall clock with 8 day striking movement, key and pendulum provided, 88 cm high approx

Waterbury wall clock with Roman numerals. Has a key and pendulum.

American 'Gingerbread' mantel clock. Waterbury clock Co. With port Pirie retailers dial. Functional. Height 56 cm

Waterbury wood cased mantel clock. Ornate pressed and carved case. Functional, unserviced. Height 53 cm

A rare American Repeater carriage clock by Waterbury clock Co. Provenance: The hall Museum

Brass and copper Voltaire figural mantle clock by Waterbury clock Co. U.S.A. With porcelain dial, key and pendulum

Ladies open face gold pocket watch with engraved case, maker Waterbury, in a small green/purple woven flax bag