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Bokhara wool rug, with red tones, 300 cm x 185 cm

A Bokhara fine wool floor carpet. Full room size 300 x 450 cm

A fine Turkoman wool carpet, 20th century Iran, in ruby red with tan, white and black accents, having an allover Bukhara print enclosed by multiple narrow guards of hooks and arches and wide borders with bold diamonds and further gul motifs. Length 224 cm.

Hand knotted woollen carpet from Pakistan in the Bokhara manner. 152 x 95 cm

An antique Bokhara carpet with a foliate field on a cream ground 377 x 555 cm

A Pakistan hand knotted Bokhara rug with muted mauve, brown tones. Cotton warp & weft. Length 250 cm. Width 160 cm

A finely hand knotted Tekke Bokhara rug with multiple borders around a field of guls. Height 175 cm. Width 122 cm

A finely woven Bokhara rug with multiple borders around a centre field of tarantula guls. Muted brown colour tones. Length 180 cm. Width 125 cm

Large and rare Bokhara rug red ground with multi-coloured lozenge shape geometric motifs. 380 x 250 cm

An old hand knotted Bukhara rug, the field decorated with three rows of 13 guls interspersed by secondary motifs, framed by multiple borders of varying width and with serrated pattern guards at either end. All wool, close cropped pile. 181 x 120 cm

A Persian Princess Bokhara wool rug, 20th century, the multi banded border with cream flower head medallions surrounding a diamond pattern centre. Length 180 cm. Width 125 cm

Two small rugs, a Princess Bokhara and an Afghan Turkoman modern both with geometric designs, one in cream, reds, browns, and blues and signed to one corner, the other predominantly in reds, both with tasselled and fringed ends. Length 124 cm. Width 59 cm,

A Queen Bokhara rug, modern with fine geometric and stylised gul designs throughout in cream, reds, and blues on a grey ground, the ends tasselled and fringed. Length 210 cm. Width 127 cm