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"Barbie" was introduced at the American Toy Fair in New York City in 1959 by Ruth and Elliot Handler, who were co-founders of Mattel Toys in 1945. She was inspired by a ‘Lilli’ doll bought by Ruth Handler in Switzerland.

The first Barbie sold for $3.00 and received mixed reviews on release, as she was so unlike any other dolls produced before. However, the public grew to love her and, from 1960s, her popularity became assured.

Looking at the features of a doll help to date it. For example, if she has ‘bubble cut’ hair, she dates from 1961 – 1967. Barbies with ‘pony tail’ hairstyles were produced between 1959 and 1964 and are highly sought after with around six different types available.

Barbie is marked on her buttocks, with the marks helping to date and identify her. The date shown is not the date she was made, but the patent date, meaning she was made sometime after the date shown.

As many Barbies were sold, condition and completeness are vitally important aspects. Dolls that have not been played with, complete examples with boxes and accessories will all be worth more. more...
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Pony tail swirl Barbie, blonde wearing, after five, damage of green ear

Pony tail Barbie, brunette wearing Arabian Nights, no earrings, bangles and theatre programme

Bubble cut Barbie, blonde (green ear), red swim suit wearing sheath Sensation

Pony tail swirl Barbie, blonde wearing American Airlines Stewardess complete

Bubble cut Barbie, brunette, red swimsuit, wearing Nighty Negligee set, missing stuffed dog

Model 870 C1962 Fashion Queen Barbie painted medium brown (some rubbing), lame suit, wearing Resort set complete with charm bracelet

Boxed C1961 Pony tail Barbie, blonde wearing red Flare complete and Silken flame, (box in poor condition) with gold stand

Boxed model 850 C1962-67 bubble cut Barbie, redhead with red swimsuit, booklet and gold stand, wearing Registered Nurse complete with all accessories

Barbie Kjar (b.1957) bull in a Skirmish 1992 colour etching ed. 1/15 signed and dated lower right 19 x 24.5 cm

Barbie Midge c1960-1962 blond bubble cut, in original red vinyl carrying case with stand, extra wigs and loads of clothes and accessories. Case somewhat used but doll and interior in fine condition

Barbie Midge c1960-1962 dark hair bubble cut, in original black vinyl carrying case with stand and loads of clothes and accessories. Case somewhat used but doll and interior in fine condition

1960's Mattel Barbie doll and accessories, #850 barbie with bubble cut hair in red velvet with matching clutch purse. Also, six items of clothing (similar vintage) and transparent purse and various accessories. Also, 1960's Disney Mousekateers doll. Height

Vintage Ken doll, in blue tuxedo with velvet jacket