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A Tabriz style Persian rug, with a lozenge enclosed by a profusion of tendrils, floral and vase motifs in terracotta, beige, green and sky blue colours upon a black field, the main border with series of typical palmettes. Length 244 cm, width 205 cm

A wool carpet, Tabriz district, north-west Iran, 20th century, 350 x 203 cm

A wool Tabriz rug, north east Iran, 20th century, 224 x 140 cm

An antique hand knotted Persian rug from the region of Tabriz. Set on beige and navy blue backdrop with large central medallion on terracotta floral pattern and border, 400 x 300 cm

An important and rare Tabriz floor rug, 600-800 knots per square centimetre. Has been in vendor's family since 1950's, 500 x 350 cm

A Tabriz carpet, North West Iran, C20, 440 x 312 cm

Tabriz rug, of rectangular form, with central gull medallion, surrounded by floral motifs and deep borders, in rich tones of red, cobalt and beige, 205 cm x 81 cm

An old Tabriz rug on a red ground with a navy blue border and flower pattern, 405 x 305 cm

A fine Tabriz rug on navy blue ground with a beige and green medallion, with flower pattern, 397 x 303 cm

Persian pure wool hand knotted Tabriz carpet decorated with multiple panels, 390 x 290cm

A large woollen Tabriz rug, the bold carpet with a geometric medallion with cross, lotus and tree of life motifs in aqua, blue, white, green and pink accents upon a blood red field, with spandrels and wide and narrow borders with similar decoration. Length

A fine Tabriz carpet, north Iran, circa 1930, of central medallion design on a cream ground within border, 340 x 220 cm

A Tabriz floral design hand knotted floor rug with central medallion. 398 x 300 approx

An outstanding Persian Tabriz silk floral design rug. 385 x 290 cm approx

An impressive hand woven Tabriz rug having central medallion with floral design. 370 x 280 cm approx

A Tabriz runner, north-west Iran, early 20th century, 540 x 70 cm. Provenance: The property of the late Sir Tristan and Lady Antico

Persian carpet, hand knotted pure wool - Tabriz, North West Persia - 400 x 300 cm

Fine old hand knotted Persian rug from the ancient city of Tabriz. Floral design all over with red backdrop, centre medallion surrounded by cream, blue and pink flowers. Navy blue border. 340 x 243 cm

Fine old Persian hand knotted rug from the region of Tabriz. Set on red backdrop on floral design with navy blue and green centre medallion. Border set on navy blue. 296 x 207 cm

A Tabriz medallion carpet, North West Iran, dated 1917 Ad (1333 Ah), 400 x 300 cm. Provenance: The Collection of Sir Tristan and Lady Antico, Sydney

A fine Tabriz silk rug, in mushroom and barley colours with brick red, coffee and black accents profusely decorated to the neutral ground with tendrils and flowers, centred with a sixteen point rosette, the broad black border with continuous floral motifs.

A fine quality Pakistan woollen carpet in the Tabriz style. 155 x 90 cm

A Tabriz antique hand woven Persian rug. Floral design set on red back drop with a large cream and blue medallion with navy blue boarder. 370 cm x 195 cm

A pair of Iranian Tabriz silk inlay wool Carpets. 153 x 100 cm

Tabriz, North West Persia, hand knotted in wool on a cotton warp, 210 knots/ square inch, 412 x 302cm

Tabriz rug, North West Persia, hand knotted in wool on a cotton warp, 342 x 241 cm

An Iranian Tabriz rug, indigo field, wool carpet full room size. 420 x 292 cm

A Tabriz carpet, north west Persia, first half 20th century, 328 x 250 cm

A Tabriz carpet, North West Persia, 230 x 210

A large traditional Tabriz carpet North West Iran, 20th century with a central blue cartouche on a crimson ground. 470 x 340 cm

A Tabriz hunting subject rug, first half of 20th century. 282 x 190 cm

A large Tabriz pattern Persian rug, red and blue tones. 540 x 345 cm

A Tabriz carpet, circa 1980, the central medallion within a geometric design. 317 x 200 cm.

A Tabriz signed rug, the central panel of scrolling palmettes and flowers, on red ground within multiple borders. 390 x 300 cm.