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A Kirman runner, Iran, 20th century, tones of pink and cream, 335 x 82 cm

A Iranian Moud Kurd Carpet Runner with Boteh Design 375 x 292 cm

A Turkish silk runner, the runner decorated with a series of repeat pattern tiles profusely decorated with flowers and vegetal forms on a black field, with wide and narrow borders in cream, tan, olive and dusky pink. Length 260 cm. Width 80 cm

A purple Flokati runner, wool, Greece, c 1970s, 70 cm deep, 244 wide

A Ziegler runner, in navy and oatmeal colours with foliage, pomegranate and tendril forms upon a red field between leaf and flowerhead borders. Length 600 cm. Width 80 cm

A black wool runner with gold border four Fleur de Lis medallions, 450 x 90 cm

A Persian wool floor runner late 19th century. Provenance: Purchased Clive Brans Antiques 2001

A Persian wool runner with Pinkish Hues, circa 1900 102 x 285 cm. Provenance: Purchased Clive Brans Antiques 2001

A Tabriz runner, north-west Iran, early 20th century, 540 x 70 cm. Provenance: The property of the late Sir Tristan and Lady Antico

An Afghan woollen runner, the rug in russet and steel blue colours, with touches of tan and chocolate, having a central row of bordered lozenges upon a red field enclosed within a wide blue border with repeat stylised flower motifs, with stylised birds to

A Mohammadi Afghan woollen runner, the geometric rug in rich watermelon, red, brown and tan colours set with guls and cross forms on a red field scattered with flowers and boteh to a wide border. Length 406 cm. Width 76 cm

Kurdish runner Northwest Persia late 19th century (inscribed date 1303AH) - V.W 345 x 94 cm

A Shirvan runner, Northern Iran, late 19th century a repeating design of stylised blossoms in polychrome colours to deep blue field within multiple borders, the main border of latch-hook design to ivory ground, Approximately 320 x 152.4 cm

Hall runner carpet Iran, Bakhtiari, 510 cm x 110 cm

A Tekke Turkoman runner, north-east Iran, late-twentieth century, 240 x 90 cm

Persian hand knotted runner. Traditional red pattern. 244 x 77 cm

An old hand knotted Caucasian runner, the field decorated with a single row of nine large diamond shaped medallions. 325 cm long 86 cm wide.

A wool hall runner, in rust plum, chocolate, ochre and silver colours with touches of pale blue and black, with a row of cross form medallions to the centre upon an ochre field, with bold geometric borders. Length 345 cm. Width 69 cm

Classic Kazakh rug runner with geometric patterns based on traditional tribal motifs. 340cm long x 80cm wide

A Persian wool runner, of geometric design with a central panel of lozenge shaped medallions and cross forms, with amulets, stylised lotus and tree of life motifs in a palette of cobalt, sky blue, and black with orange highlights upon a red field, the main

A Tibetan carpet runner, black background with three circular cream centres, Grecian key and floral border, fringes at one side, 87 cm

A Tribal design hand woven Bijar runner with earthy colours surrounded with miniature animals. 355 cm x 155 cm

A Persian Kerman runner in sky blue, pink and mid green, the long borders with shaped foliate, scroll and damask rose motifs, and to the centre, a series of ornate lozenge shape medallions. Length 614 cm. Width 74 cm

A Persian floor runner with a dual elephant's foot pattern within stylized foliate border on a red ground, 715 x 79 cm

Indian hall runner, hand knotted in wool on a cotton warp, 725 x 103 cm

Turkaman hand knotted hall runner. Length 329 cm, width 77 cm.

Persian hand woven woollen hall runner, circa 1930s/40s, Nayriz region, south west Persia. 295 x 105 cm.

A Bakhtiar Tribal runner, Western Iran, circa 1890 282 x 124 cm

A Persian woollen runner, in a predominantly red palette with black, tan and coral colours having an all over geometric gul design and stylised lotus to the body on the rich ruby ground and surrounded by foliate and patterned borders. Length 278 cm. Width

A Turkish Caucasian Lamb's wool hall runner mid 20th century 270 x 80 cm Purchased 1990, Riyadh Saudi Arabia with receipt.

A runner rug depicting a Bavarian town scene 230 x 76

Pakistan wool hall runner, with peach tones, 390 cm long, 70 cm wide