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A Kurdish village rug, north-west Iran, 20th century, 242 x 140 cm

A Iranian Moud Kurd Carpet Runner with Boteh Design 375 x 292 cm

Kurdish runner Northwest Persia late 19th century (inscribed date 1303AH) - V.W 345 x 94 cm

A good Kurdish runner, North West Persian, circa 1900, 490 x 81 cm

A Kurdish rug, Persian, circa 1920, 246 x 117 cm

A Kurdish runner. Deep blue field with spandrels and flowers heads within beige borders with palmette decoration. 370 x 70 cm.

An antique Kurdish rug, North West Iran, circa 1900. 300 x 118 cm

A Kurdish rug, north Persia, two large latched hooked blue and and red ground octagonal medallions, rosette and floral borders, approximately 185 cm by 121 cm. Provenance: Dr and Mrs Nigel Hawkins, Sydney

A Kurdish long rug, north West Persia, a central row of interlinking hexagonal medallions containing floral rosettes, botehs and other geometric motifs repeated throughout the field, ivory ground border of serrated leaves and floral rosettes 256 cm by 135

A Kurdish runner, Northern Iran, first half 20th century concentrated design of stepped diamond motifs and floral rosettes 214 by 105 cm approximately. Provenance: Dr and Mrs N Hawkins, Sydney

A Senneh Kurd rug, north West Persia, early 20th century the light blue field with all over design featuring large red floral medallions and angular tendrils, approximately 142 cm by 108 cm. Provenance: Dr and Mrs N Hawkins, Sydney

Kurdish geometric hall runner, from the eight-river area, Northwest Persia