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Antique Persian Baluchi rug (brown and biege colours) 240cm long x 120cm wide

Persian Baluchi rug with bird motif (red, black & beige colours) 150cm long x 80cm wide

Baluch, Eastern Persia - semi antique tribal rug, hand knotted in wool, 245 x 140 cm

Baluch - Eastern Persia, hand knotted in wool on a cotton warp, 275 x 145 cm

An Afghan Baluchi woollen tribal rug. The centre with a beige field within a deep red field with lozenge decoration. 143 x 85 cm

A Baluch rug, North East Iran, second half 20th century, 176 x 92 cm

A good Baluchi prayer rug, late 19th century, with a design of a tree of life on a camel ground, 130 x 79 cm. Provenance: A Victorian private collection, Nomadic Rug Traders, 1994

A hand knotted Baluch rug in reds. Some wear. Length 149 cm. Width 74 cm

Iranian hand made 'Baluchi' wool rug, 100 cm x 140 cm approx

Baluch hand knotted carpet in wool on a cotton warp, 171 x 85 cm

Baluch hand knotted carpet in wool on a cotton warp, 188 x 97 cm

An Afghani Baluchi carpet of traditional repeating small medallions in red. Some wear. Length 290 cm. Width 193 cm

An Afghani Baluchi carpet with twenty eight central medallions in soft red colouring. Length 304 cm. Width 262 cm

A Seistan Baluch prayer rug, 1st quarter of the 20th century, East Iran, 123 x 83 cm

A Balouchi Turkoman style red ground wool pile rug, 246 x 151 cm

An antique Baluchi all wool rug, the dark blue rectangular field with four rows of two alternating guls spaced by scattered rosettes, multiple border guards with repeating floral guls, faded red, dark brown and ivory tones. 19 x 12 cm

A Baluchi pile rug, Khorasan Province, North East Iran, late 19th century, 154 x 87 cm

A Balochi rug, geometric motifs, dark red/black ground. 300 x 200 cm

An antique Baluch rug, Khorasan Border Regions, last quarter of the 19th century. 157 x 89 cm

A Balouchi hand woven Persian vegetable dyed wool carpet, having a geometric pattern with deep blue decoration on gold field with deep red and blue border with palmette decoration.90 x 136 cm

A Belouch rug, woven with an overall tile pattern blue, ochre and claret. Width 100 cm. Height 146 cm