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A good Bakhtiari wool carpet, of central medallion design, 214 x 310 cm

Bakhtiari - Genuine hand knotted Persian carpet handmade in Bakhtiari parts of Iran (Bakhtiari tribe are still nomadic pastoralists, migrating between summer quarters and winter quarters) - 305 x 170cm

Hall runner carpet Iran, Bakhtiari, 510 cm x 110 cm

A Bakhtiar Garden Design Carpet, Central West Iran, circa 1960. 410 x 290 cm

A Bakhtiar Tribal runner, Western Iran, circa 1890 282 x 124 cm

A Bakhtiar Tribal Western Persia Carpet, circa 1880 363 x 153 cm

A Baktiari rug, Chahar Mahal region, west Persia, circa 1930, 200 cm x 136 cm

A Bakhtiari Persian hand knotted carpet from southern Iran, the garden panel design, with a centre medallion. 215 x 142 cm.

A Bakhtiari carpet of traditional multicoloured geometric pattern. Length 304 cm. Width 222 cm

A fine hand knotted Bakhtiar rug. Red field with centre medallion and flower design within a deep red border. 250 x 150 cm.

A Bakhtiari carpet, the field of linked hexagons containing vegetal and bird motifs all in reds, blues, and cream, the cream-ground border with stylized flower heads, the ends fringed, length 310 cm. Width 210 cm

A very old rare Bakhtiar rug, vegetable dye and hand knotted, the garden design, in dark blue, brown, red, and beige within a light red border. 400 cm x 350 cm.

A hand knotted antique rug from Bakhtiar on garden design with an array of colours including pink, blue, green and beige with a cream border. 360 x 242 cm

A south West Persian (Luri Bakhtiary) carpet, of geometric design in deep red and sapphire blue on a cream ground; 269 x 154 cm

An old rare Bakhtiar carpet, vegetable dyed garden design. 308 x 212 cm

'Bakhtiari' hand knotted carpet, south Western Iran, 335 x 124 cm

A very fine Botheh Bakhtiar Persian runner vegetable dyed. 403 x 150 cm.

Bakhtiar hand knotted Persian rug with a burgundy field, a large centre medallion, a bunch of pink flowers in each corner and a beige border, all in vegetable dye