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Two Trax HO scale model Railway sets. Including 333 cm of railway tracks, two locomotives, 8 cars/carriages & a transformer for each set.

A Trax FJ Holden 'Cab', and a Danbury Mint 1957 Chevrolet Suburban

Three Trax models, including Holden Monaro, and a Danbury Mint 1969 Pontiac Trans Am

Five Trax model cars, including a Holden H series Statesman

Two Trax gift sets, including a TRS28 Bathurst 77 A9X Torana set; and TRS04 Bathurst 71 Ford Falcon Gtho Phase 3 set (M boxes M) (2)

Two Trax 1:24 scale FJ Holdens, including one two-tone green; one Glamour red (M boxes M) (2)

Fifteen Trax models, including TR35C Chrysler R series Valiant; TR32 Holden HR special; TR13K Holden FC special; TR13J Holden FC special; TR10C Falcon Xc hard top; TR10D Falcon Xc hard top Carter/Lawrence; TRG15 Holden 48-215 'Golden' Holden; TR11D Valiant

Two Trax 1:24 scale Ford Falcon Gthos, including one yellow Glo; one hot orange (M boxes M) (2)

Two Trax 1:24 scale models, including a Ford Falcon Gtho in True blue; and a Chrysler Valiant Vh charger R /T Hemi 265 in Vitamin C orange (M boxes M) (2)

Two Trax 1:24 scale FJ Holdens, including one in Glamour red; one two-tone blue (M boxes M) (2)

Fifteen Trax models, including TR13J Holden FC special 40th Anniversary special; TR4D Ford Xy Falcon Gto Phase III; TR10C Ford Falcon Xc hard top; TR4C Ford Xy Falcon Gtho Phase III; TR13K Holden FC special; TR20E Holden FB special; TR13L Holden FC special

Twelve Trax Opal series models, including TO02 1958 FC Holden special; TO02C 1958 Holden special; TO01C 1963 EH Holden special ; T002B 1958 FC Holden special; TO01B 1963 EH Holden special; TO01 1963 EH Holden special; TO01C 1963 EH Holden special; TO05B 19

Two Trax 1:24 scale Holden Hk Monaro Gts, including one silver and another in Warwick yellow (M boxes M) (2)

Fourteen Trax model taxis, including TR20F Holden FB RSL taxi; TR17H Holden HQ Belmont yellow cab; TR13C Holden FC Silvertop taxi; TR13H Holden FC city Cabs; TR17K Holden HQ Belmont Frankston radio Cabs; TR13G Holden FC swan Taxis; TR20G Holden FB red top

Two Trax 1:24 scale FJ Holdens, including one two-tone blue; one 1953 special, two-tone green limited edition 1 of 3200 (M boxes M) (2)

Two Trax gift sets, including TRS9B XR Falcon 30th Anniversary set; and TRS23 Hz Holden Sandman 21st Anniversary set (M boxes M) (2)

Fifteen Trax models, including TR59B HQ Monaro Gts; TRG40 Holden Fe Sedan golden 50th Anniversary edition; TR40D Holden Fe special; TR20K Holden FB special; TR56B Holden Hd special; TR42E Leyland P76 Targa Florio; TR32D Holden HR Premier; two TR25H Holden

Seventeen various models, freight, carriages and a locomotive, inc. Trax, Powerline and replica railways, boxed as is (17).

Fifteen carriage and freight models, including Trax, Tri-ang, Lima etc, unboxed (15).

Eight various railway carriages, including TopLink, Powerline and Trax, including one limited edition. Powerline (8).

Ten diecast models of various Makes, including Mini Marque; Lansdowne; the Brooklin collection; Illustra models; and Trax (E-M boxes G-M) (10)

Nine 'Holden Torana' models, by Autoart and Trax, and a Autoart Ford Falcon (10)

Two Trax boxed sets, '1966' and 'Sandman' (2)

Two Trax 30th and 50th Anniversary boxed sets, 'Xr Falcon' and 'The Originals' (2)

Two Trax 40th Anniversary boxed sets, 'Ej Holden' and 'Ek Holden' (2)

A Minichamps 'Opel Omega' racing car model, a Revell 'Ford GT40', and three Trax miniature models (5)

Eleven various Trax models, including 'Holden Commodore' and 'Hq Holden' (11)

Two Autoart models, 'Holden Coupe' and 'Holden Monaro', and a small Trax 'Holden Monaro' model car (3)

Seven Trax Holden models, including 'Holden Superglide' (7)

Six Trax panel Vans, including 'Sandman' (6)

Nine various Ford models, including Trax 'Commodore Vl' and 'Falcon Gl' (9)

Eight various models, including Brooklin models '1963 Ford Falcon Futura Convertible', and Trax (8)

Seven various Ute models, including Trax 'Holden Ute' (7)

Ten various Trax station wagons, including 'Ford Xk Falcon' (10)

Ten various Trax models, including Holden 'Premier Sedan' (10)

Nine various Trax models, including 'Hq Holden' and 'Ford Xb Falcon GT' (9)