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A Supreme Court Trial At Melbourne, May 1846 letter from Captain Richard Hanmer Bunbury, with rectangular 'Paid At Melbourne' marking (rated at 3/9 - 3 times the basic rate) addressed to his wife, then in Sydney, with arrival backstamp. Bunbury is

A two page hand-written letter by 'Lieut. C.H. Upham'. 'C.' Coy. 20 BN. 4 Inf Bde. N.Z.E.F. Thurs. 23 Oct./41', ink on lined paper, to a fellow soldier, Rewa? Including: 'Many thanks for your letter. I was very pleased to hear that you are alive and well,

World War I Trooper William John Wright Light Horse Regiment Ephemera comprising, a photo postcard of himself with A.B 'Banjo' Patterson & three other soldiers taken in Egypt 'Love to Mother From Will, I Am Sending You Some For Each of the Girls, Will'. Ph

Two books to include i) The All-Australia Memorial History, Heroes and Helpers, 1917 includes hundreds of photos and biographies of AIF members ii) The History of the Sea

Two books to include i) The All-Australia Memorial History, Heroes and Helpers, 1917 includes hundreds of photos and biographies of AIF members ii) The History of the Sea

Album of 50+ original Boer War/Pre World War I pencil sketches by Norman Little.Norman Little was born in the UK in 1883. While at school he displayed an aptitude for art which saw him go on to study at the Royal Academy School where he was a Prizeman. Dur

The Changi prison Australian rules football association premiers trophy plaque, 1942 the hand written cardboard trophy laid down on metal backing with a later plastic protector, drawn and inscribed in pencil 'Richmond Football Club, Premiers, 1942, Austral

Famous & Infamous Aviators: Mrs Keith 'Chubbie' Miller & Captain W. A. Lancaster, signed & inscribed photographs [Broothorn Studio, Melb.] following their arrival in Australia, having flown from England in the 'Red Rose' Avro Avian III. They had crashed en

World War I Naval ensign (152 x 103 cm), 'Souvenir & Official Programme of the Naval Review' (1909), Booklet 'How to join the Royal Australian Navy' (early 20th century), 2 postcards & booklet. (6 items)

General William Birdwood (1865-1951, Commander of Anzac troops during the Gallipoli campaign), signature on 2-page handwritten letter; also 1916 letter from Sir Robert Henry Muirhead Collins; piece signed by Sir Roden & Lady Cutler; plus another unidentifi

Staff Surgeon Commander William Rhodes Harrison (1886-1967), military dress uniform and associated naval dress uniform, jacket, trousers, epaulettes, belts, hat in original tin box, dress sword with original leather case, three World War I service medals a

An Australian Named World War I trio and military medal military medal named to 1360 DVR H. SMITH 41st/BTY AUST. F.A. World War I 1915 trio named to 1360 DVR H. Smith 15th BN A.I.F. A well documented group with original paper work, to Pte Herbert Smith who

Property of a Boer war officer: Lt Col Charles Edward Ernest Umphelby i) A selection of documents including three South Africa Boer war period letters: Modder river February 7th 1900. Bloemfontein 25th March. Murdy 13th February. Note: Lt Col Umphelby was

World War II Changi and Sime road POW Camp 1941-45. Archive collection of paintings, ephemera etc. From women's civil section. Includes paintings by then 15 year old Joan Hanson subsequent resident Western Australia and letter of provenance signed by the s

Group World War I Anzac Ephemera, including three handwritten postcards of camp in Mena; 32 page booklet of Expeditionary Force Encampments (Australia) by Kerry & Co. (cover damaged, interior good); and booklet of Marylebone red cross Hospital showing the

World War II Literature: RAF wartime 'Tee Emm' magazine collection, volumes 1-5, complete set of 60 issues from April 1941 to March 1946 in excellent condition. (60)

Anzac & Military: Attractive & colourful group of military booklets & programmes. Noted, 'Peace-Anzac Memorial Day 1919'; 'Souvenir Programme Victory Celebrations Signing of Peace Sydney NSW 1919'; 'Sunny South Souvenir'; 'The Fighting Forces' Hostel Geelo

Great White Fleet: Group of booklets pertaining to the U.S. Navy visits to Australia in 1908 & 1925. Noted 'Programme For Melbourne 29th Aug to 5th Sept 1908' & 'Australia Greets America, Souvenir Programme Visit of the American Fleet to Australian Waters

Korean War: c1953-54 range of Royal Australian Regiment items relating to the Korean War, consisting of: Royal Aust. Regiment Embroidery in coloured silk on black fabric with blue backing, text includes 'Inchon, Seoul, PUSAn, Kapeong. (signed) Billy Stanle

Rare 1914-16 Aust great Concentration Camp Propaganda album. Also, 'Official History of the war,' Vol two (121 pg); World War I photo of soldier based Liverpool; and booklet originally owned by Dr Monticone, chief interpreter Aust Intelligence

World War two: Group of ephemera featuring a service certificate, several photos from Pacific campaign (73) and flyers relating to Allied victory. (78 items)

A Gallipoli campaign personal letter on a cigarette packet, dated 24 May 1915 relating to a temporary armistice with the Turks, and personal messages to his sister, with a war chest 1917 stamp

Hand-painted Boer War Certificate, 'Welcome Home to Sergeant E.J.Cummings, B Squadron, New South Wales Bushmen's Contingent, After 2 Years Active Service in South Africa, on Behalf of Your Many Friends, Darlington Point, Septr 02', window mounted, overall

War of 1812: Entire letter dated 17th June 1813 from Hm Ship Sylth to Admiralty, the writer John Kendall mentions he is on his way to the sloop Emulous in Halifax (originally the American sloop Nautilus taken at the beginning of the war), also mentions oth

King Edward VIII (1894-1972, King from 20 Jan. 1936 until his abdication on 11 Dec. 1936, to marry Wallis Simpson), signature 'Edward' (signed as Prince of Wales) on 3-page letter headed 'Magdalen College. Oxford' and dated 'Le 9 Mai1913', to Monsieur Luci

1919 (Dec. 10) autographed letter (2 sides) on 'Mitre Hotel, Oxford' notepaper, to 'Silas' Wright from Victor Campbell; regarding their plans to get together over a meal at the army and Navy club. Campbell adds, rather amusingly, 'I Am Calling You Major Wr

1915 (Jan. 17) autographed letter on 'Ritz-Carlton Hotel, New York' letterhead from Douglas Mawson, writing to Simpson for assistance in completing the preparation of his set of lecture slides. He also makes reference to his Expedition comrades Mertz, Ninn

1914 (May 7) autographed letter (2 sides) from Harry Pennell, on 'H.M.S. Duke of Edinburgh' letterhead (at Trieste) to 'Dear Silas' (Wright). 'We Are Doing a 4 Day Stint at Trieste Being Entertained Royally and Soberly By the Austrians, They Have Too Much

1909 (Nov.3) autographed letter from Robert Falcon Scott to Conrad Fry, on 'British Antactic Expedition, 1910' letterhead regarding a letter of endorsement Fry's proposed publishing regarding the fact that Fry's chocolates would be among the provisions to

1909 (Sept.22) autographed letter on 'British Antarctic Expedition, 1910' letterhead from Edward Evans to Conrad Fry, regarding the preparation of provisions lists for the forthcoming Expedition and advising that he '..Will Let You Know Exact Quantities an

A very important and historic collection of World War I letters, from Auckland staff Sergeant Don Gladding to his wife and family back in New Zealand. Gladding was taken prisoner in Greece. He and a group of men (the names of the men involved in the escape

War movie posters collection: collection including posters (45) ; lobby cards (c225) ; black and white stills (28) ; press books, sheets and programmes (c60). Wonderful range of movies including 'The Caine Mutiny' (1954), 'Dunkirk' (1958), 'Sink the Bismar

British Prime Minister: - Robert Gascoyne-Cecil, 3rd Marquess of Salisbury (1830-1903, British Prime Minister 1885-86, 1886-92 and 1895-1902), signature on 2-page hand-written letter on '10 Downing Street' letterhead, dated Jan. 14.1901, written during the

Sir George Biddell Airy (1801-92, English mathematician and astronomer, Astronomer Royal from 1835 to 1881), signed hand-written letter from Royal Observatory, Greenwich, dated December 20 1873, to Major General Simmons at the Royal military Academy, Woolw

A very interesting 23 Batn. Italy and Yugoslavia Diary, the author was a private, wounded, very likely at Monte Cassino, however, he made a recovery and remained with the Battalion as it made its way through Italy, the 1945 diary covers some interesting pe

A colonial ships log for the Ship 'Beulah', circa 1849, and a naval Commanders letter book, English, 19th century, the front page of the cloth bound log printed and inscribed 'A Log Book Containing the Proceedings on Board the Ship Beulah, From the Port of

An interesting and important collection of World War II correspondence from a New Zealand prisoner of war, Phillip Christian, to his family. Christian was taken prisoner in north Africa and sent to Italy. In March 1944 he was moved from Italy to Stalag 357

World War II J.E.Meikle - NZ YMCA Mobile canteen & Cinema Unit, album of documents (c30), noted certificate of Enrolment; Identity card; movement Orders (3) ; soldier's Pay book; Savings Bank Pass-book; Christmas cards; Leave Passes; Transport work Tickets

1901 Federation: group ex Captain W.Davis of army service Corps, comprising note-book/diary from 12-4-01 to 1905; 15-3- 1901 memo re enclosed invitation; 22-4-1901 'Commonwealth Celebrations, Programme' sheet; envelope with 'The President/Legislative Counc