Learn about Chandeliers

Strictly speaking, a chandelier is any multi-branch ceiling light. But what we understand in popular usage as a chandelier today - a grand ceiling light fitting with many lights and multiple crystal prisms - is the result of a long evolutionary process of this type of light. Originally made in wood as a cross with spikes on which to fix the candles, they were able to be lowered for lighting, and then hoisted to a suitable height by means of a pulley. From the 15th century they were made in a wider variety of materials including brass, wrought iron, gilded wood and silver. By the 18th century, developments in glassmaking allowed for the introduction of prisms in their manufacture, because of their light scattering properties. An elaborate chandelier was a status symbol of the wealthy in the 18th and 19th century and materials now used included bronze and porcelain. Manufacturers of the crystal prisms included famous names in glassmaking such as Baccarat and Waterford. Prestigious English manufacturers of the time included Parker & Perry, of Fleet Street, F.& C. OSLER of London and Birmingham and Maydwell and Windle.

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An amber and clear glass chandelier in the style of Bagues, French, circa 1920 approx. 76 cm drop, 58 cm wide

A very decorative wirework and crystal chandelier, French, circa 1920, approx. 85 cm drop, 80 cm wide

A gilt bronze, eight branch chandelier, interspersed with topaz coloured faceted drops, French, 19th century

A bronze and crystal six light basket chandelier, French, circa 1900, 90 cm high

A Louis XV style gilt bronze chandelier, French circa 1900, 74cm high

A bronze and crystal eight branch chandelier in the Art Nouveau style, French, circa 1920, 120 cm high

A six branch bronze and crystal drop chandelier, French, 19th century, 78 cm high

A Louis XVI style crystal and bronze chandelier, French, 19th century, 98 cm high

A crystal drop nickel plated bronze chandelier, French, circa 1920, 82 cm high

A bronze and crystal eight branch chandelier, French, 19th century, 100 cm high

A bronze and crystal ten light chandelier, French, 19th century, 120 cm high

A Louis XV style silvered bronze eight branch chandelier, French, circa 1920, 65 cm high, 75 cm diameter

A bronze and crystal eight light chandelier, French, circa 1920, with spiked prisms and a faceted crystal ball, 120 cm high

A gilt bronze and porcelain eight branch chandelier, French, later 19th century, 70 cm high

A French bronze harp shaped chandelier with facetted tear drop prisms. 70 cm high, 52 cm wide, 8 branches.

An impressive gilt bronze and glass baguette chandelier, French 19th century, 110 cm high

An antique French basket chandelier, crystal and gilt metal, 130 cm high, 60 cm wide

A rare emerald, turquoise and rose pink glass and gilt bronze basket chandelier, French, circa 1920, approximately 110 cm drop, 75 cm diameter

A cut crystal and gilt bronze chandelier, French, circa 1900

A pair of fine French gilt bronze four branch chandeliers, 19th century, with sixteen candle apertures, fitted for electricity, 110 cm high

French gilt-metal chandelier, with five branches, electrified, height 45 cm

A fine ten-branch crystal chandelier, French circa 1950, signed Baccarat

A gilt brass and crystal twelve branch chandelier, French, 19th century, fitted for electricity, (approx.)

French six branch chandelier, with crystal and coloured glass drops. Approx. Height 101 cm. Provenance: Purchased from Howell & Howell

Impressive Antique French bronze twelve light chandelier with glass lustres, faux candlestick lights

Vintage French six light chandelier, with large cut crystal drops and central ball, approx 80 cm high

A fine 19th century French bronze harp shaped six branch chandelier with cut crystal drops

A French bronze eight branch chandelier with cut crystal prism, amethyst and cut crystal drops

An early 20th century French six branch bronze chandelier with cut crystal drops

Antique Louis XVI style gilt bronze twelve light chandelier with crystal chains & central drop orb, ex Manning & Manning

A pretty chandelier with clear crystal button and pale blue drops, French, circa 1950, 88 cm high, 40 cm diameter

A stylish pair of bronze and crystal chandeliers, French, circa 1920

A pair of 19th century French brass chandeliers, each with a central stem cast with overlapping leaves emanating six scroll arms with sconces, 61 cm high

French antler chandelier, approx 85 cm high, 74 cm dia

French bronze tri form three light chandelier, fitted with down swept flambe form shades

Vintage French six light chandelier, with large cut crystal drops and central ball, approx 80 cm high

Good vintage French eight light chandelier, fitted with drop lustres, draped with long chains of large faceted beads, approx 90 cm high

Antique French antler chandelier, approx 85 cm high, 86 cm dia

French Art Deco wrought iron frame chandelier with styled three apricot glass shades and central bowl