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A Waterford crystal chandelier, English, first half 20th century. 75 cm high

A Waterford crystal five light chandelier, English, 20th century

Waterford crystal chandelier with six branches, all with eight crystal drops stamped with the Waterford mark, the lower basket with six complete crystal drops and a cut crystal ball, the upper basket with nine crystal drops (one drop missing) height 80 cm

Waterford crystal chandelier with eight branches, each with eight crystal drops. Height 50 cm

Pair of Waterford chandelier, each with five branches and facetted prisms.

Waterford chandelier, with five branches and facetted prisms.

A Waterford crystal chandelier, mid 20th century, manufactured Ireland. The chandelier is a five branch light design, with cut crystal spheres and drops. Height 58 cm

A pair of six arm Waterford chandeliers, contemporary, 'Avoca' pattern, each with scrolling arms and sconces supporting candle style lights and hung with prism drops, with maker's mark. Height 98 cm. Diameter 64 cm. (approx)

Waterford crystal 5 branch chandelier 53cm high (Chandelier only), 50 cm diameter (approx)

Waterford crystal 6 branch chandelier 75cm high, 67 cm diameter (approx)

Waterford crystal 6 branch chandelier 75cm high, 67 cm diameter (approx)

A pair of Waterford crystal chandeliers 20th century, the central stem of crystal beaded tiers with a lower shaped dish supporting the six looped branches which are suspended with long drops, approx 90 cm high

A 20th century cut crystal ten light chandelier by Waterford, the central moulded glass stem issuing five short and five long shaped arms, with pendant drops, wired for electricity. Width 70 cm97 cm high

An impressive six branch Waterford crystal chandelier with cut crystal prisms.

A pair of Waterford crystal chandeliers, each with a lobed stem emanating six scrolling arms terminating in double drip pans, surmounted by a scalloped corona, pointed lustre drops. Height 84 cm

A pair of Irish Waterford crystal five branch chandeliers with facetted prisms