Learn about Candelabra

A candelabra is a multi-branched candelstick for use on a large table. In addition to the central stem, they may have between two and six branches. Long ago made redundant through electrification, their purpose these days is decorative. They were sometimes made in sets of two or more., although very few sets have survived. Most commonly they were made in silver and silver plate from the mid 17th century, but other materials used were ceramic and pewter. Silver candelabra often had a flame shaped finial that fitted in each candle socket when the candlelabra was not in use. As an aid to cleaning, the ornate arms are often removeable. The plural of candelabra is either candelabra or candelabrum
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A Rococo plated four arm candelabra in Art Nouveau style. 28 cm high

An Art Nouveau WMF figural candelabra, circa 1910. 27 cm high

A pair of Art nouveau silver-plated WMF type candelabra with figure of a woman, Austrian, circa 1900 with stamp made for a Melbourne retailer. 49 cm high