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A pair Victorian sterling silver, Kings pattern fish servers 1853 London, by John Whiting, lengths: 33 cm & 25 cm. Total. Weight: 310gms

A group of eight Edward VII silver coffee spoons and sugar tongs, all Kings pattern, Robert Pringle & Sons, Sheffield, 1904. Total weight 135.1g.

An English sterling silver Kings pattern ladle, c. 1816, Wt 89 g, 18 cm

A hallmarked sterling silver ladle, Kings pattern, London 1839, length 33 cm, Wt 239 g

106 piece sterling silver cutlery suite double struck Kings pattern, comprising, soup ladle, pair of basting spoons, 3 sauce ladles, 4 butter knives, 12 table forks, 12 tablespoons, 12 soup spoons, 12 dessert forks, 12 dessert spoons, 12 teaspoons, 12 tabl

Victorian sterling silver 35 piece cutlery suite double struck Kings pattern, comprising, soup ladle, basting spoon, 9 table forks, 6 tablespoons, 9 dessert forks, 9 dessert spoons, London, 1896-1900

English hallmarked sterling silver William IV & Victorian set of six spoons in the Kings pattern. Two, London, 1832, maker William Chawner II, four, London, marks rubbed. Condition: good, minor wear consistant with age. Weight 567g

Antique sterling silver fish servers, over sized, Kings pattern, hallmarked to blades and handle, M&W, Sheffield, 1912, 272g, 23 cm long & 32 cm long (2)

A pair of sterling silver ladles, Kings pattern, Sebastian Henry Garrard- Garrard & Co Ltd, London 1923. Weight 173g

A sixty one piece Victorian sterling silver cutlery service, circa 1841 & 1842 London, various makers' marks: Ce, Ee for Elizabeth Eaton, Ga for Chawner & Co (George William Adams), Jw for John James Whiting et al. In the Hourglass King's Husk pattern and

Scottish hallmarked sterling silver Victorian pair of sauce spoons in the Kings pattern, monogrammed 'G'. Edinburgh, 1846, maker Tc. Condition: good, minor age related wear. Length 15 cm. Weight 89g

A sterling silver Kings pattern 25pcs part flatware, service, first quarter 19th to early 20th century, various makers and assay marks, comprising of 7 dessert spoons. 4 table spoons. Pair, of ladles. 6 dessert forks. 6 table forks, length 21.8 cm. Total w

A sterling silver cutlery canteen Kings pattern with monogram (knives without monograms). Various years and makers. Six dinner forks, twelve dinner knives, twelve entr?e knives, a pair of cream ladles, eleven dessert spoons, six entr?e forks, six table spo

A sterling silver Kings pattern cutlery canteen (various dates and makers). Fourteen dinner forks, eight entr?e forks, five dessert spoons and six table spoons.

Set of Victorian sterling silver tea spoons, kings pattern, marked Newcastle, 1864, with crowned Leopards head, approx 165g, approx 14 cm long (8)

Bespoke canteen of antique silver cutlery in fitted oak case. Ex Henry Charles 'Inky' Stephens (February 1841 – July 1918) with full sets of Kings pattern knives, Old English pattern servers, Rattail forks, fiddle thread and shell asparagus. Various Englis

Set of six Victorian sterling silver dessert spoons, Kings pattern, with original palm tree and lion coat of arms, marked London, 1897, Thomas Walter and Henry Holland. Approx 382g, 18 cm

Two sterling silver sauce ladles, one Old English pattern by Thomas Wilkes Barker, London, 1806, the other Kings pattern by Frederick Elkington, Birmingham, 1886. Total weight 152g.

Victorian 95 piece suite of sterling silver cutlery double struck Kings pattern, 12 place setting comprising, table forks and knives, table spoons, dessert forks and knives, sauce ladles, tea, salt and mustard spoons etc. London 1856.

12 silver handled table knives and 12 luncheon knives, along with matching fish servers and carving knife and fork, King's pattern handles, knives with 'rustless' blades, the serving utensils with stainless steel blades. The knives Sheffield 1951 by George

English hallmarked sterling silver Edward VIII basting spoon in the Kings pattern. Birmingham, 1907, maker Elkington & Co Ltd. Condition good, minor age related Ware. Length 34.5 cm. Weight 211g

Victorian sterling silver straining spoon, in the Kings pattern. Hallmarked London 1839. W 220gms.

Sterling silver 'Kings pattern' cutlery set, hallmarked Sheffield 1937, comprising of 6 each dinner knifes and forks, entree knifes and forks, dessert spoons, serving spoons, plus 5 teaspoons, 2 ladles, mustard spoon, together with a butter knife (43)

Four Victorian silver spoons including three tea caddy spoons (two plain form, one Kings pattern) and one sugar spoon. Various makers. Weight 42.2g.

A Scottish pair of George IV sterling silver fancy King’s pattern basting spoons by Mitchell & Sons, Glasgow 1826

Two William IV hallmarked sterling silver table spoons, hallmarked Glasgow 1837, maker David Crichton Rait. King's pattern, crested. Length 22 cm. Wt. 147g

William IV hallmarked sterling silver serving spoon, hallmarked Glasgow 1838, maker David Crichton Rait. King's pattern, monogrammed. Small dent to bowl. Length 30 cm. Wt. 114g

George III hallmarked sterling silver soup ladle, hallmarked London 1814, maker William Eley & William Fearn, King's pattern, crested. Dents & slight warping to bowl. Length 34 cm. Wt. 255g

Sterling silver soup ladle hallmarked Sheffield 1969, with Kings pattern, 291 grams approx

A George IV Scottish silver Kings pattern fish slice. Edinburgh 1825. 215gms.

A Victorian silver serving spoon, King's pattern; Chawner & Co (George William Adams), London 1854. Weight 105g.

A Victorian silver spoon, Queen's Rosette pattern (King's shape), initialled; A.H., Sheffield 1853.

English hallmarked sterling silver Victorian pair of sauce spoons in the Kings pattern London, 1895, Elkington & Co Ltd. Condition good, minor tarnishing. Length 17 cm. Weight 157g

English hallmarked sterling silver Victorian ladle in the Kings pattern. London, 1839, maker William Eaton condition fair, dent to the bowl, tarnished length 33.5 cm weight 313g

A William IV silver caddy spoon, King's pattern; Wm Eaton, London 1835

Sterling silver king's pattern cutlery with various English hallmarks including London 1896 & 1898, comprising of 6 main, 6 entree forks, 6 main, 6 entree, 5 fruit forks, 5 dessert, 1 tea, 4 coffee spoons and 1 strainer spoon, 1490 grams this weight does n

English hallmarked sterling silver Elizabeth II cutlery setting in the Kings pattern, comprising a carving knife and fork, a knife sharpener, cake slice, a serving spoon, fourteen main forks, fourteen main knives, fourteen main spoons, fourteen soup spoons

English hallmarked sterling silver Victorian part cutlery set in the Kings pattern, comprising six forks, twelve knives & six spoons. The knives from various makers & Victorian dates. Forks & spoons London, 1855, maker Chawner & Co. Weight not including kn