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A Derby figural group, 'Jason & Medea at the Altar of Diana', circa 1820, pattern 37, the allegorical group illustrating a scene from 'Jason and the Golden Fleece', in a vibrant enamel palette of yellow, orange and puce, with Jason dressed in Roman armour,

A Derby soft paste porcelain candlestick, 'Shepherd with Fruit and Flowers', 1760-65, model E29, the shepherd before a bocage wearing a pink waistcoat and lemon breeches, with a flower basket and a floral candle sconce, upon on a pierced rococo bas

A Derby biscuit porcelain group, 'Astronomy and Geometry', circa 1790-1800, model 43, star mark of 'Repairer' (modeller) Isaac Farnsworth, after Meissen's arts and Sciences models by Acier about 1765 and depicting two putti, one with a

A Derby soft paste shepherdess from 'The Dresden' Shepherds', circa 1770, model 55, after the Meissen model by J Kandler of about 1745, the finely modelled shepherdess in a pink frock coat and floral skirt, holding a bunch of grapes, her apron

A pair of Derby soft paste porcelain figures, 'Apollo' & 'Diana', circa 1780s, models N243 and N65, both with their respective attributes, and Diana accompanied by a dog, attired in aqua and mauve colours and puce sprigged floral robes, upon square bases w

A Derby soft paste porcelain, 'Antique Figure of Plenty', circa 1780, model 163, pattern 2. Provenance: group Capt. & Mrs Pendrid collection, 'Plenty' with a floral diadem, floral tunic, mauve sash with blue cape cradling a filled cornu

A pair of Derby soft paste 'Mandolin and Bagpipe Players', circa 1765, models E13, a gentleman bagpiper accompanied by a dog, and his shepherdess mandolin playing companion accompanied by a sheep, their country dress in pink and lemon colours and f

A Derby soft paste porcelain figure, 'Quinn As Sir John Falstaff', circa 1780, model 291, a reissue of model 231, a corpulent figure with a generous face in a plumed hat, pink sleeveless jacket, floral waistcoat and lemon breeches, holding his swor

A Derby soft paste porcelain figure of 'Ariadne', circa 1780, model 194, but incorrectly marked 193 as per biscuit model, a patch period figure in an antique gown decorated with puce and gold flora and arranging her pink trimmed pale blue cape, rai

A Derby biscuit porcelain figure, 'Ariadne', circa 1790, model 193, triangle mark for 'Repairer' (modeller) Joseph Hill, probably modelled from the antique, the classical maiden adjusting her cape, incised Derby, model, repairer marks under

A pair of Derby 'Garlandshepherd and Shepherdess' figures, circa 1765, models N 56, but variant, in predominantly green, lemon and pale pink tones, both in country attire, he holding a sheep and a nosegay, a basket of fruit at his side, she with a

A rare Derby soft paste porcelain figure of a 'Gardener', circa 1770, model 2 depicting the gardener in a floral waistcoat and lemon breeches, resting on his shovel and holding a pot plant, supported on a broken column and a naturalistic grassy bas

A Derby biscuit porcelain group, 'Two Virgins Awakening Cupid', circa 1778-1782, model 195, attributed to Pierre Stephan, the finely modelled group with bocage after paintings by Angelica Kauffman and later engravings by Francesco Bartolozzi; see P.Bradsha

A Derby biscuit porcelain group, 'Group of Three Cupids', circa 1780, model 252, attributed to 'Repairer' (modeller) N.J.F. Gauron, three cupids posing upon rockwork around a tree, one with a dove and patting a dog, one playing the mandolin, the other pluc

A Derby soft paste porcelain figure of a boy with a dog, circa 1780, probably model 53, a barefoot lad in a pink coat, floral waistcoat and lemon breeches, playing with a leaping puppy on a grassy base with applied flowers; partial number underside; model

A Derby soft paste porcelain figure of a huntsman, circa 1765, model 50, the huntsman in a pink coat, cravat and lemon breeches, with his complement of hunting accoutrements, holding a flint-flock gun in his left hand, a dog at his right side, upon a grass

A Derby biscuit porcelain figure, 'Alpine Shepherd', circa 1790, model 389, the shepherd in a brimmed hat, breeches and finely laced boots, playing a flute and supported on a circular base encrusted with flowers; incised Derby, model, repairer mark

A Derby soft paste porcelain figure of a goat, circa 1765, model E86, a recumbent goat upon a rococo base picked out in gilt and having applied flowers; see G. Savage, '18th Century English Porcelain', (1964 edition)', plate 68, height 11.5 cm,

A Derby soft paste porcelain figure of a 'Gentleman with Dog', circa 1770, model 51, after the Meissen original modelled by J.J. Kandler about 1755 and depicting a man in a splendid maroon coat and pale blue breeches seated upon a grassy floral out

Early Derby type candlestick., figure of a muse applied to base. Column of blue ground with thistle shaped, gilded candle holder (2 hairlines to top). height 26 cm.

Early Derby type porcelain night stick, figure of woman collecting flowers applied to base, with flowers and leaves surrounding. Brass candle holder to top, & handle to base verso. height 22 cm.

Late 18th century Derby figure of lady, ex: Moorabool Antique Galleries, 23.5 cm high

Late 18th century Derby figure of a gentleman, ex: Moorabool Antique Galleries, 28.5 cm high

Three porcelain Samson of Paris Derby marked Mansion house dwarf figures, Tallest 17 cm (3). Provenance: the collection of a Curator & Collector, New South Wales

Three porcelain Samson of Paris Derby marked Mansion house dwarf figures, Tallest 19 cm (3). Provenance: the collection of a Curator & Collector, New South Wales

A Derby style porcelain figure of Neptune, 19th century, 24 cm high

A Duesbury figure modelled of flower seller, with pad marks on base typical of early Derby. Bears label. Payne collection 24 cm high

A Derby Soft paste porcelain 'Ranalagh dancer', circa 1760. -70, a gallant in a tricorn hat, patterned orange and gold hose and a striped doublet, a floral gilt enriched jacket and a loosely draped green and pink cape, with bocage and a moulded roc

A Georgian Derby figurine, the archangel Gabriel fixing the wing of a cherub, painted in polychrome and gilded. Painted mark. Old repairs. Height 24 cm

A pair of Duesbury Derby figures. Slight damage. 12 cm high.

A pair of Duesbury Derby figures, modelled of a lady and gent. 16 cm high.

A Derby rococo figure of Neptune, circa 1780, with an incised mark, rarely seen on figures, and pattern number 299, the dramatically moulded figure of an animated Neptune upon a shell and flanked by a dolphin, raised upon a shell encrusted and rocaille bas

A Derby candlestick figure of gallant, circa 1780, 25 cm high

Derby 18th century figure of Fame the winged figure wearing flower decorated robes, holding a wreath, on shell moulded & scrolled base edged in gilt & turquoise. Condition good, expected age wear & possible restoration to the leaves. Height 25 cm

Derby 18th century Derby figure of James Quinn in the Role of Falstaff standing on a low scrolled base applied with flowers, wearing a patterned waistcoat to conceal his pot belly, a carefully inscribed innkeeper's account hanging from one pocket, orange b

Pair of antique Derby porcelain figure groups, early 19th century. Approx 17 cm high

A pair of Samson figurines in the manner of Derby, late 19th century, the 'Tailor and his wife' pair, depicting two 18th century attired figures each astride a billy goat, in bright enamel colours and raised upon oval rocaille bases; with blue crossed feat