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Very rare Royal Hawaiian lei hulu - feather lei c. 1800, made from red apapane and green ou feathers. Provenance: by descent from Chieftainess Kipikane (Granddaughter of Kamehameha I), appraised by Johanna Cluney in 1966. As above

Very rare Royal Hawaiian lei hulu - feather lei c. 1800, made from oo feathers. Provenance: by descent from Chieftainess Kipikane (Granddaughter of Kamehameha I), appraised by Johanna Cluney in 1966. The Cummins family subsequently moved to New Zealand cir

Collection of three antique Polynesian hair combs, 21.5 cm, 21 cm, 17 cm

A club, Austral Islands, Polynesia (mid twentieth century), carved hardwood, 108.5 cm

A fine old Tapa Wallace or Fortuna Island, French Polynesia. Provenance: Nicolai Mitchoutchkine collection (1929-2010). Mitchoutchkine had a large Oceanic Art collection that toured Europe, the USA and Japan in the 1980's, he made two publications; 'Ethnog

An old woven Polynesian fan, together with a finely woven Rennell Island bag. 58 x 37 cm, 30 x 28 cm (2)

Carved stone God figure, Marquesas Islands French Polynesia, 20th century. 27 cm high, 15 cm wide, 11.5 cm deep

An early spear, probably New Hebrides, Polynesia, (late nineteenth century), carved hardwood, 198.5 cm high. For two related examples from New Hebrides see, Steven Hooper, Art and Artifacts of the Pacific, Africa and the Americas: The James Hooper Collecti

A neckrest (kali hahapo), Tonga, Polynesia (late nineteenth century), carved hardwood, 51.2 x 13.5 x 12.5 cm. Provenance: Private Collection, United Kingdom. Private Collection, Melbourne

Over 24 panels of fabric over twenty four panels of fabric including 1980s French floral painted cotton, 1980s brown Italian silk chiffon, colourful French synthetic jersey (A/F), yellow French cotton voile, bright plaid linen, white French voile with flor

Patu aruhe, the patu aruhe (bracken-fern-root pounder) is associated with food preparation; signs of considerable age. Reminiscent of Polynesia tapa beater forms. Length 34 cm. Width 3.4 cm

Polynesian fishing tackle box, Tokelau, early 20th century. 31 cm

Fine Polynesian bowl, circular bowl with a shallow, hollowed dish. Sitting on three oval feet. Surface decorated with triangular carved decoration. Length 28 cm. Width 33 cm

A fine small Hawaiian Koa wood bowl with rich patina to the surface, traditional square patch and butterfly repairs, diameter 10 cm. Provenance: Formerly in a private Maui collection

A ceremonial paddle, Ra'ivav' Island, Austral Island group (formally Hervey Islands) Polynesia, 19th century 95 cm long. Provenance: Purchased from an estate auction in Lewes Sussex

Hawaiian wooden poi vessel with three carved gods at base. Height 26.5 cm.

19th century Polynesian coconut Grating stool. Length 59 cm. Width 22 cm. Height 25 cm.

Polynesian shell adornment, multicouloured shell headband

A rare group of Hawaiian Awls (7) carved bird bone, found in the ancient Hawaiian 'Kapo Cave' in Puna. Which is linked to the legend of Kopokohelele (Kapo of the flying vagina) the goddess Kapo, who sent her flying vagina to lure the demi-god Kamapua'a awa

19th century Polynesian dance ornament/staff head, possibly Vanuatu origin

A 19th century Polynesian Pod shaped deep bowl with a looped handle to one end. Width 280. Diameter 16 cm. Height 10 cm

A 19th century Polynesian deep wooden bowl with a looped handle to one end. Width 29.5 cm diameter 18 cm height 10.5 cm

Polynesian axe. Iron trade head on long slender shaft with bulbous handle, braided hair cord

Polynesian axe. Iron trade head on long handle with carved decoration to the neck

Polynesian chief's stool, the crescent shaped seat supported by four plain pillars and a central pillar with open carving and pecked decoration, resting on a plinth base

Carved wooden bowl, Polynesian, decorated with incised spirit figures, linear designs and patterns. 10.5 cm height. 21 cm diameter

A fine Polynesian flute, the hollow enclosed bamboo tube with pierced circular openings decorated with incised geometric motifs and script, smooth glossy patina, 60 x 5 cm