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A Melanesian (Cook Islands) greenstone ceremonial axe blade of trapeziod outline, bearing paper label of McAlpine Collection, pre 1880, 27 cm long, 8 cm wide. Provenance: The Collection of the Lord McAlpine of West Green (M2756), Erasmus & Co

Melanesian Adze. Flattened ovoid form with sharp cutting edge, Dark green stone. Early soft patina. Height 16.6 cm. Width 9 cm

A breastplate, Solomon Islands, Melanesia (circa 1900), pearl shell, tortoise shell, beads and bush string, 34 x 18 cm. Provenance: Private Collection, Sydney

A fine porpoise tooth and beaded necklace, Western Solomon Islands, Melanesia (circa 1900), porpoise teeth, beads and bush string, 34 cm long. Provenance: Private Collection, Sydney

A model funerary canoe, Santa Isabel, Guadalcanal or Nggela Island, Melanesia (circa 1900), inlaid pearl shell and resin on carved wood, 99 cm long. For two closely related examples see, Kevin Conru, Solomon Islands Art, Musumeci Spa, Italy, 2008, pp. 86-8

Two Melanesian grass skirts. Provenance: from the collection of Thomas Capel Tilly, Royal naval officer, who came to the Pacific on the HM Cordelia, later becoming the Commander of the Melanesian Mission's ship the ' Southern cross.'. Length 55 cm. Width 7

A Solomon Islands shell money necklace. Made from Conus shells. Provenance: Collected by Captain Tilly, Captain of the Melanesian Mission ship 'The Southern cross.' Literature: an almost identical necklace pictured in Roger Neich and Fuli Pereira's 'Pacifi

A Melanesian wood crocodile carving of long stylised carved form and worn dark stain. Length 100 cm

An old Melanesian carved wood bowl, oval shape with extended pouring spout, opposite a handle formed as a stylised zoomorphic head. Length 41.5 cm

'Captain Tilly' Melanesia breast pendant (Santa Cruz group). Shell with geometric tortoise shell decoration.

Two woven flax bags c. 1870, of very good quality, Melanesian Islands area

Melanesian carved wooden chief's seat. Length 70 cm x. Width 30 cm. Depth 25 cm

A collection of five neck rests, including Fiji, Melanesia. 5-17 cm high

Collection of Melanesian and tribal artefacts. Includes a carved canoe, bamboo dagger, horn and timber canister, carved comb handle and buffalo horn.

Two (2) hair combs. Melanesia. Coconut wood with resin and fibre bindings. 33 and 24 cm

A Melanesian bow the medium brown wood of oval section, tapering to each end with one surface black stained, also with a Melanesian paddle, the blade with linear carved decoration and some loss to blade edge, length 173 cm

Two adze blades one Melanesian from Bougainville. Length 14.5 cm, the other, a long tanged triangular type from Rarotonga. Length 14 cm

19th century Melanesian canoe-shaped food bowl with two dimensional carved decoration below rim of stylised bird in centre with sealife on either side. Inlaid with white lime and brown overlay to higher points. Provenance: Gifted in the 1880s. Length 70 cm

A finely Woven Melanesian flax basket with larger flax strips on the outside, c. 1870. Height 21 cm. Width17 cm (flax straps a bit longer). Pattern on both sides. (Tilly collection)

South Pacific Melanesian 6 strand hair ornament (note one strand is broken, only half left), made of porpoise teeth (?) and tiny shell beads. Length of each strand approx. 30 cm. (Tilly collection)

South Pacific shell ring ornament c. 1870, Melanesia. (32 shell ring). Length 23 cm. Diameter of rings 3.7 cm. (approx). (Tilly collection)

South Pacific Waist band c. 1870s, Melanesia made of tiny shells, red, white and dark brown. Length 70 cm. Width 8 cm. (Tilly collection)

South Pacific Melanesia breast plate (Kap Kap) (maybe New Ireland). Clamshell overlaid with filigree of turtle shell. Diamter 12.8 cm. (Tilly collection)

A 19th century Melanesian wood arrow the shaft with 'Pokerwork' cross hatch motifs. Length 106 cm. Together with a notched wood dart, black painted bands remnants. Length 55.8 cm.

A 19th century Melanesian Palmwood spear of oval section tapering to both points, with some carved details. Provenance; collected by a close friend of and gifted to the vendors' great grandfather in the 1880s. Length 236 cm.

Two 19th century Melanesian Palmwood Bows tapering to each point, the flattened surface and curved sides black paste painted, the upper curve russet stain remnants, each with twisted fibre strings. Provenance; collected by a close friend of and gifted to t

A 19th century Melanesian bow the medium brown wood of oval section, tapering to each point, the surfaces with good patination. Provenance; collected by a close friend of and gifted to the vendors' great grandfather in the 1880s. Length 141 cm.

A 19th century Melanesian ceremonial mask the wood mask semi-enclosed, the exaggerated nose and hooked nostrils notch carved and infilled with lime, the mouth showing the lips, teeth and tongue with a small pierced opening just below the tongue, blue pigme

A fine 19th century Melanesian oval shaped large deep bowl just below the rim the wooden bowl is simplistically two dimensionally carved decorated with three frigate bird type motifs with white lime painted notch and groove incised elements to emphasise ef

Two 19th century Melanesian split cane Combs each one the teeth lashed together on a cross bar, secured by vegetable fibre and coated with black paste and pigment, bound into a tapering and flattened upper body bound by natural fibres and covered with vege

A fine Melanesian body ornament, the black lip pearl shell section with fibre threaded shell beads and seed attachments