Learn about Maori Artifacts - Important Notice

Under the New Zealand Protected Objects Act 1975, administered by the New Zealand Ministry for Culture & Heritage, the sale, trade, export and ownership of some Maori artefact are regulated Objects over 50 years old that also have Maori cultural significance must be inspected by Ministry for Culture & Heritage, and if significant the object will be allocated a "Y" number, a unique identification number. Artefacts that have a Y number can only be purchased by those that are registered collectors with the Ministry for Culture and Heritage. These collectors have a ‘registered number’. Y numbered artefacts cannot leave the country without written permission from the Ministry for Culture & Heritage. Those who are not registered collectors, and usually reside in New Zealand, can apply to the Ministry for Culture and Heritage to become one. There are no restrictions on the purchase of Maori items that have no Y number or Pacific Island or other artefacts from around the world. As this site is a price guide, and does not offer items for sale, the Y numbers applicable to any items on this site are not displayed..
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These items are not for sale and the descriptions, images and prices are for reference purposes only.

Group of Ko. Good collection of early agricultural wooden digging sticks, weathered dry patina. Length 280 cm. Width 5 cm. Length 222 cm. Width 6 cm. Length 154 cm. Width 5 cm.

A Maori wooden Digging stick (Ko), with twine band. Some white residue to end. Length 90 cm

An 18th century Maori wooden ko (digging stick) with plaited cord. No step. Length 267 cm.

20th century whalebone Maori digging stick (Ko). This ko has a flat rounded blade and a lashed carved step. Length 170 cm

Early 19th century Maori wooden digging stick (kaheru). This kaheru is shaped like a small paddle Would have been found in a swamp. Length 82 cm

19th century Maori digging stick (shaped). Length 177 cm