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Three Triang ships, including M751 Aircraft carrier; M704 S.S United Statesl M753 hallmarked sterling Albion and two unboxed Tootsie toy boats (VG-M boxes VG) (5)

Rare Triang Minic ships shop display, ships displayed on card with brightly coloured header, 2 x models missing, overall 89 cm x 61 cm x 8 cm

Triang Minic Ship M753 HM Albion aircraft carrier pale grey battleship, paper deck, mast and helicopters in original cellophane packaging; and M885 floating Dock with attachments, both in yellow Triang boxes (E boxes G) (2)

Triang Minic ships M752 HM Centaur Aircraft carrier and others blue, with mast; M753 HM Albion, blue, with mast; and M829 12 Breakwater end, all in yellow Triang boxes (E boxes VG) (3)

Triang Minic ships M718 RMS Amazon and others all white hull, white superstructure, yellow funnel, masts in original cellophane packaging; M706 SS Nieuw Amsterdam, grey and white hull, white superstructure, two yellow funnels, masts in original cellophane;

Triang Minic ships M704S SS United States and others black hull, white superstructure, two red, white and blue funnels, in very scarce illustrated card stand with sea and coastline in background, cellophane cover is torn at two corners and missing bottom r

Triang Minic ships presentation set M895 SS Nieuw Amsterdam including M706 SS Nieuw Amsterdam, tanker, tugboats and quayside accessories, mostly strung to green card in box

Three Minic ships, including an M744 Ijn Yamato; an M745 KM Scharnhorst; and an M715 RMS Canberra (E boxes G) (3)