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Two Tri-ang ships Minic Minature Royal yacht model ships, each M. 721, 'Britannia, 1.5 x 10.5 x 1.5 cm

A vintage tortoiseshell constructed model yacht, the two masts with raised sails of tortoiseshell panels, the body including various hatches and covered helm, cradle form stand, fine rope rigging, small copper fixings. Length 38 cm, height 42 cm

A silver model yacht on stand, silver yacht, gilded spinnaker, silver-plated ocean wave base, wooden base and glass case, Seki Takehiko, Japan.

'The Atlantic 1905' a restored model of the racing yacht with three masts and all fine details including stand

A model yacht diorama in display case with attached note 'Tasmanian Yacht, The Clyde, oil painted by Gladstone Eyre', circa 1900, 32 cm high, 32 cm wide, 22 cm deep

A superb mounted fully rigged scale model of a racing yacht. Height 120 cm, width 110 cm, depth 18 cm

A carved wooden model yacht hull on stand, 20th century, 76 cm long

Art Deco chrome model yacht, on timber base, 46 cm high approx

Sphinx model yacht, painted wood, motorized (A/F). Height 48 cm, length 124 cm

Cedar planked model yacht. Cutter rigged, stringer deck. Height 140 cm (incl stand). Length 111 cm

Model yacht, 'Blue Nose',built from timber, on stand, 79 cm high

A detailed static model yacht 20th century, carved wood, canvas, 152 cm high

J Class yacht (display design model), J Class yacht (display design model), glued double diagonal planked mahogany hull, timber helm and brass binnacle, on wooden cradle stand

Model Yacht - Atlantic (New York 1903): Very stylish decorator model of this elegant racing yacht. An impressive 2.4 x 2.8m with sparse detail and high gloss varnish, this is a very sleek almost Art Deco look. The age of this model is unknown however has b

Model Ships: Wooden model of twin masted fishing boat with inbuilt lights on stand (90 x 82 cm) together with a contemporary wooden yacht model, elegantly simple design with a large keel on stand. (85 x 110 cm) Ex Kryal Castle fleet. (2 items)

Model Yacht - Commodore: Graupner, Germany. Hand painted plastic hull, twin engine motor yacht for use with remote control. Engines are not tested. 73 x 28 cm

Vintage model yacht on stand. Timber with metal keel and fittings. 96 cm high, 70 cm wide

Scale model sailing yacht 20th century simulated planked wooden construction and canvas sails height 105.5 cm (including stand)

A detailed static model of the yacht Una Maria Australian, circa 1920, the carved wooden body painted in green and white, beneath a varnished deck with brass and wooden fittings, raised on a wooden display stand. Length 70 cm

A wood constructed half model yacht on kauri wood varnish finish. Length 112 cm. Width 26.6 cm