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Beverly Erikson, woollen wall hanging

Philippa Vine, woollen wall hanging, circa 1974

A Bedouin tribal wall hanging, hand woven sheep and camel wool, middle East, early 20th century, from naturally dyed wool embellished with silver, to shimmer on tent walls in candlelight. Provenance: Acquired Nomad gallery Paddington, 1989, original receip

A silk embroidered wall hanging, late 19th century early 20th century, Japanese silk embroidered on woollen ground, showing tigers in a woodland landscape, 117 x 70 cm

Vintage wall hanging, with red and brown tones, 200 x 122 cm approx

A 18th century Spanish wall hanging, from Lorca castle Murcia

A large felt wall hanging, Uzbeckistan, circa 1900, patterned in a mosaic style, with geometric and tribal motifs, approx 198 cm x 310 cm

A very large French wall hanging, showing swans in a lake landscape, approx 202 cm x 432 cm

A C. Jere brass bus stop wall hanging. Height 70 cm. Width 48 cm. Depth 12 cm

A Caucasian pattern wall hanging machine made in brightly coloured cotton, circa 1930. Length 140 cm. Width 180 cm

Arts & Crafts woven anchor mark wall hanging. Velvet, with blue and amber stylised design. Minor losses. 136 x 106 cm

A Chinese embroidered silk wall hanging woven with cockerel, insects and flowers, !9th century, 125 x 130 cm

David Bromley (born 1960) printed and hand-stitched throw/wall hanging with a floral motif. 185 x 140 cm

Robert Ellis, 'Untitled' wall hanging/rug in deep pile woven wool, featuring hands, fish and Greek symbols, in blue, red, green, yellow and black, 246 cm w x 221 cm height

An Indian gold bullion stitched wall hanging early 20th century, the panel with a central mandala framed by a border of repeated floral motifs in dense gold cord, with bullion stitch throughout, on a velvet ground, trimmed in a metallic fringe, 165 x 161 c

Chairman Mao Jacquard wall hanging, circa 1970's. 189 x 129 cm

A Japanese silk embroidered wall hanging depicting sacred cranes in a lotus pond late 19th century 197 x 117 cm

Wall hanging (Ulech), tigers, peacocks and elephants, cotton applique on cotton, Saurashtra, Gujarat, India, 20th century. 172 x 130 cm

Applique wall hanging (Ulech), silk and cotton on cotton, Saurashtra, Gujarat, India, 20th century. 178 x 120 cm

Jenny Hunt. 'Amarantine' Wallhanging, wool in cream/brown, segmented design with T shape to middle. 163 x 81 cm

Jean Ngan, wall hanging in wool, flat weave of black/red pattern on blue ground, 161 x 91 cm

Maaike Knottenbelt. 'The Story of the Clouds, 1979' wall hanging, flat weave in red and black wool. 220 x 132 cm

Rangimarie Hetet, woven wall hanging, framed and glazed

Federation 'Advance Australia' embroidered wall hanging. Depicting Australian coat of arms. 31 x 50 cm