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Four whalebone needle cases/bodkin, 19th century, Longest 10 cm

Whalebone Sailmaking tool with carved fist hand & multiple ring turnings, 19.5 cm

Whalebone egg cup & pieced whale bone egg, Anglo-Indian, 19th century. 15 cm

A carved whalebone model of a whaling boat, 19th century, complete with rigging, carved miniature implements and oars, 59 cm long

A whalebone ivory mounted coconut shell dipper, second half 19th century, 32.5 cm long. Note: For similar examples see: The Barbara Johnson Whaling Collection: Part 1, Sotheby's New York, December 1981, lot 418

A small collection of whalebone mounted implements, 19th century, comprising a whaler's knife, bale hooks, a ships carpenter's mallet, a fid/screwdriver, a folding pocketknife and a folding whaler's knife made by Joseph Rodgers & Sons, the mallet 21 cm

A small collection of ivory and whalebone measuring instruments and rulers, 19th century, the ivory pencil made by A. Tornaghi & Co. Sydney; the larger folding carpenters ruler inscribed Edgar Banks, Morden House, Lewisham S.E., the ivory ruler 31.5 cm

A small whalebone mounted steel fid and a large leather cased steel fid, 19th/20th century, the largest 35 cm

Three whalebone seam rubbers, second half 19th century, the largest 17.5 cm

Three whalebone and walrus ivory seam rubbers, second half 19th century, the largest 14.5 cm

A carved whalebone jagging wheel and a sailor's sweetheart utensil, 19th century, the jagging wheel 16 cm

A carved whalebone ivory chess set, 19th century, the largest piece 13 cm

An engraved whalebone busk, late 19th century, 40 cm long

Two large carved whalebone fids, second half 19th century, the largest 39 cm

Three whalebone bodkins, second half 19th century, the largest 21.5 cm

Three whalebone fids, second half 19th century, the largest 24 cm

Two whalebone and steel sailors chisels, 19th century. 27.5 cm and 27 cm long

A whalebone seam rubber, 19th century. 12.5 cm long

An antique whalebone pastry crimper with love heart finial, 19th century 15.8 cm long

An unusual whalebone and turned wood sailor's love token, 19th century; engraved to one end 'Mystic*Conn' and at the other end with the name of the sailor 'W*T*Ramsey'. 14.2 cm long

Carved whalebone. A curious circular whalebone, neatly carved to top and used as Islander currency in the 19th century, mounted. Whalebone. Dia.21 cm

Four antique 19th century New Zealand whale bone handled boat building tools, to include two drill augers, corking tool and adze (4)

A rare carved 19th century carved whalebone vertebrae, tribal motif, old blue milk paint, on modern iron stand. Approx 73 cm high, 57 cm wide, 37 cm deep

Whales tooth and lignum vitae sail makers seam rubber circa 19th century. Length 15 cm