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Rare 1915 marked Austria-Hungary gold 100 Corona-Korona coin

A 1915 Hungarian four Ducat gold coin; 23.75ct gold. Weight 13.9g.

Austro-Hungarian 1915 gold 4 ducat coin set in an 18ct gold frame, on an oval bale. Total weight 18.2gms

Two Hungarian 20 Korona gold coins; 1892, coat of arms and Ferencz Joszef. Uncirculated, .900 gold. Wt. 13.6g.

A Hungarian ten Corona gold coin; 1911, coat of arms, Ferencz Jozsef. Uncirculated, .900 gold. Wt.

A Hungarian 200 Forint commemorative gold coin; 150th Anniversary of Ignacz Semmelweis. Uncirculated, .900 gold. Wt. 17g.

A Hungarian 500 Forint gold coin; featuring Ferenc Liszt. Uncirculated, .986 gold. Wt. 38.4g.

An Austro Hungarian gold coin; 1915 one ducat restrike in 22ct gold. Wt. 3.5g.

An Austro Hungarian 4 Ducat gold coin; 1915 restike coin in 23.75ct gold. Width 40mm. Wt.13.9g.