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Austrian 4 Ducat gold coin, 1915 (re-strike), Fineness: 0.986 Weight: approx 14gm, Diameter: 39 mm

1915 Austrian 4 Ducet gold coin, in 9ct gold surround. Total weight 24gms.

Austrian 1892 four florin/ten francs gold coin - approx. 4.5gr

Two gold Austrian 10 Franc coins, 1896 & 1912. Weight 6.8g.

Two gold Sovereign coin pendants, 1898 and 1896, claw-set in 18ct yellow gold, together with a 1915 Austrian gold ducat claw-set in 18ct yellow gold (3), weight approximately 26.4 grams

An Austrian 1 Ducat gold coin; 1915 restrike coin in 22ct gold. Wt. 3.5g

A gold Austrian coin in pendant mount, the 4 Ducat Austrian coin 21.6ct yellow gold, dated 1915, correctly mounted in a 14ct beaten frame of gold, fitted with bail. Coin 13.96grams mount 4.1grams

Austria: 100 Corona re-strike, six. Weight each approx 33.7g. (6)

1915 Austrian 4 Ducat Gold Coin, (re-strike) Fineness: 0.986 Weight: appox 14gm, Diameter: 39 mm

Austro-Hungarian 1915 gold 4 ducat coin set in an 18ct gold frame, on an oval bale. Total weight 18.2gms

Two Austrian silver coin pendants and chains dated 1780 and 1900. 110gm

Two Austrian 20 Corona gold coins; 1915 restikes. Uncirculated.900 gold. Wt. 13.4g.

13 Austrian 1 Ducat gold coins; 1915, uncirculated.986gold. Wt. 45.5g.

An Austrian 100 Corona gold coin; featuring Franz Joseph 1915. Uncirculated .900 fine gold. Wt. 33.9g.

An Austrian 4 Ducat gold coin; Franc Joseph 1, 1915 restrike. Uncirculated.986 gold. Wt. 14g.

An Austrian 20 Corona gold coin; 1915 uncirculated, .900 gold. Wt. 6.8g.

An Austrian 20 Francs gold coin; 1892, uncirculated, .900 gold. Wt. 6.5g.

Collection 13 various coins and medallions. Austrian thaler re-strike, UK Churchill (3), Austrian 1965 (3), Mexican Puerto Vallarta 1968 etc.

Four Austrian 10 Corona gold coins; 1 x 1905, 3 x 1909. Wt. 13.6g.

1915 Austrian 4 Ducat Gold Coin, (re-strike) Fineness: 0.986 Weight: 14Gm, Diameter: 39 mm

An Austro Hungarian gold coin; 1915 one ducat restrike in 22ct gold. Wt. 3.5g.