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A Swiss Infantry model 1887, German made sword with scabbard, blade length 87.5 cm

A German Infantry officers sword model 1889, blade length 87 cm

A German World War I Infantry officers sword model 1889, blade length 74.5 cm

A World War I German Infantry officers sword with extra-long blade and scabbard, blade length 94 cm

A German Infantry officers sword with scabbard, blade length 80.5 cm

German officer's or NCO's sword with scabbard. Slightly curved single edge single fullered blade. White metal mounted hilt and scabbard, approx 94 cm long

A German officers sword early 20th century with leather scabbard length 98 cm

An historically interesting German naval dress sword presented to Oberleutnant Hans-Joachim Rahmlow. Rahmlow gained infamy from a unique incident of capitulation when in August 1941 as Kapitänleutnant of the World War II German submarine U-570 under attack

German World War II / World War II officers dress sword, nickel plated brass mounts, leather scabbard, approx 94 cm long

World War II German army officers dress sword with black laquered scabbard, 94 cm overall length

German army officer's sword and scabbard, probably World War II Era.

Continental (possibly German) army officer's sword and scabbard. Complete with sword knot

Imperial German army officer's sword. Guard with cypher of Wilhelm II

Good old German Landsknecht two handed sword with flamboyant double edged blade of flattered diamond section, the long ricasso with usual short cross guard and leather covering. Steel mounted leather bound grip. Well formed wide quillons and side loops. Ap

French Infantry Officer's sword of Model 1882, approx 99 cm overall with 85 cm straight double edged blade with offset fullers, finely engraved 'On behalf of the Romanian Infantry in memory of the common sacrifice 1914 to 1918' German silver hilt with wine

German Imperial Solingen naval officers sword with ivory grip & fold down guard, the lion's head set with red & green past eyes, the blade with etched designs, by Weyersberg, Kirschbaum & Co, Solingen. Condition good to fair, minor wear, rust to the scabba

Scarce and good German executioners sword. Broad heavy double edged blade with correct square tip with short central fullers engraved 'Solingen' Tight forging pattern opponent. Steel mounted wire bound leather grip, well formed cross guard. Approx 115cm ov

German Nazi Officers sword in very good condition, 96 cm long

A naval officers hangar circa 1782-90 with a slightly curved blade formed with a clipped back point, cut with a pair of long fullers on each face, etched and gilt with trophies, foliage, naval motifs and the inscriptions 'le ville de Paris le 12 avril 1782

A superb German hand and a half sword of early date, approx 120cm overall with 97cm straight blade. Leather bound grip, steel guard with wide swept quillons and finger loops etc. The pommel and quillons of octagonal section. The double edged blade with dou

Exceptional 15th century German hand and half sword circa 1500. Double edged sword single fullered blade with crisp maker's mark. Cross guard and pommel in steel with bevelled fluting. Nice unfiddled with condition, approx 106 cm overall. See Christies Lot

A German World War II army officers dress sword, Dove head Pommel, framed

A German World War II Navy dagger, with sword knot, framed

A German World War II Navy officers dress sword, and scabbard

A German World War II Luftwaffe officers sword, with aluminium fittings

A German hunting sword, with Staghorn hilt. Height 85 cm

An 1888 Weyersberg Kirschbaum & Co., German cavalry sword has E U B inscribed in large letters on the hilt. Length 106 cm

A German 'Bastard' sword, c. 1550, 'hand and a half' leather bound grip, two ring side guards, Passau 'Running Wolf' mark. Length 103 cm

A German rapier sword, c. 1600. By Wolfgang Statler, with original wire bound grip. Length 107 cm

A German bastard sword, circa 1600, with half basket guard and thumb ring, twin fullered blade with double struck makers mark and spear point tip. Length 110 cm

Rare antique 17th/18th century German sword, marked with the makers marks of 'Iohannis Coll Iefecit' with a beautifully basket hilt & pommel, 99 cm long

German Naval Officers Parade Sword: World War I period with elaborate acid etched detail along the blade Brass handle in the form of a lion. Anchor with crown emblem shown on the scabbard and on the sword handle. Leather worn. 93 cm, Good condition

A World War I German Naval Officer's sword, wire bound ivory grip, the decorative guard with crowned anchor insignia and folding section, the decorative engraved blade with pipe back, ebonised steel scabbard with fixed single hanger. Length 89.5 cm

A German World War II Army Officer's sword, the lion's head pommel with jewelled eyes, wire bound black grip, the knuckle bow back strap and collar cast with oak and laurel leaves, the front languet with swastika and eagle with outstretched wings, the unen

A German Prussian Model 1889 Infantry Officer's sword, Royal Cipher of Emperor William II to the wooden grip with silver wire binding, brass decorative hilt with standing eagle and hinged section, double fullered straight steel blade, no scabbard. Length 9

World War II German officers sword with scabbard, length 102.5 cm

German 1492 Dragoon Regiment sword, etched blade, nickel plated hilt with folding eagle guard, black Bakelite grips, steel scabbard

A 17th century German swept hilt back sword with opposite curving quillions, ringed hilt, wire bound grip and facet pommel. Flattened diamond section blade. Numerous sword makers punch marks and inlaid running Wolf mark. Length 113.5 cm