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An Italian Infantry officers sword with scabbard, blade length 77 cm

A Swiss Infantry model 1887, German made sword with scabbard, blade length 87.5 cm

A UK pattern 1796 Infantry officers sword complete, blade length 82 cm

A UK pattern 1897 Infantry officers sword Named R.Palmer, 1911 with scabbard, blade length 83 cm

A German Infantry officers sword model 1889, blade length 87 cm

A French Infantry officers sword with scabbard, blade length 81 cm

A German World War I Infantry officers sword model 1889, blade length 74.5 cm

A World War I Turkish Infantry officers sword lovely etched blade marked Constantinople with scabbard, blade length 83 cm

A World War II Nazi Infantry officers sword with scabbard, blade length 80 cm

A French Infantry officers sword mid Victorian with scabbard, blade length 77 cm

A World War I German Infantry officers sword with extra-long blade and scabbard, blade length 94 cm

A German Infantry officers sword with scabbard, blade length 80.5 cm

French infantry officer's sword with scabbard. Straight double edged blade with offset fuller. White metal guard, horn grip. Gilt metal scabbard, approx 100 cm long overall.

A British 1897 pattern Infantry sword early 20th century with metal scabbard length 103 cm

1897 pattern British/Australian Infantry Officer sword (no scabbard)

British infantry officers Sword of 1796 pattern, approx 100 cm long

Robert Mole & Sons Australian 1857 Infantry officers sword with the blade & guard marked with George Rex 5th cypher, stamped with the Company proof plug, the blade number is /M8905', having fine etched detail & bound with shagreen grip, also comes with the

1853 Pattern Infantry Officer's parade sword with Queen Victoria cipher together with a silver bullion wire decorated sword belt with original hanger and silver buckle. 97 cm

Choice Australian issued infantry officer's sword of World War I Henry Wilkinson. Etched blade. Guard and blade with cypher of George 5th. Guard with 3rd military distinct stamp (NSW). Complete with scabbard, frog and sword knot

Choice miniature British/Australian Light Infantry Officer's sword with scabbard. EIIR cypher. Highest quality.

Two British officers swords. One ex Fr Strange, Sydney, auction, bearing tag 'British Infantry Officers Sword of 1796 Pattern'. the other with basket grip, & engraved 'Hand Made in Scotland By 'R Matthews Leslie'. as inspected. Length 100 cm &. Length 94 c

French infantry hanger with scabbard circa 1830. Double edge leaf shaped blade with maker's particulars. Brass hilt, brass mounted leather scabbard.

British pattern 1897 infantry officer's sword with cypher of George V

French infantry Officer's sword of model 1821, approx 90 cm overall with 75 cm straight single edged double fullered blade. Brass hilt with wire bound horn grip. Steel scabbard.

French Infantry Officer's sword of Model 1882, approx 99 cm overall with 85 cm straight double edged blade with offset fullers, finely engraved 'On behalf of the Romanian Infantry in memory of the common sacrifice 1914 to 1918' German silver hilt with wine

An Infantry parade sword by Wilkinson with Queen Victoria's cipher, acid etched blade marked 'S.A. Volunteer Infantry'. Late 19th century. 98 cm

British infantry officer's sword of the 1780s era. Ivory grip with '5 ball' guard in gilt brass. Curved fullered blade. Brass mounted black leather scabbard

A choice British infantry officer's sword pattern 1803. Wire bound navy fish skin grip, gilt brass guard with G.R. Cipher. Wide curved fullered blade with the blue and gilt decoration incorporating the crowned GR cipher, Royal Arms etc. Gilt brass mounted

George III infantry officers sword engraved with Hanoverian motto & signed Woolley & Deakin. Length - 98 cm

British World War I era infantry officers sword complete with it's field service scabbard and brown leather frog, approx 103 cm overall.

A Victorian British Infantry sword with scabbard blade marked: 'Henry Wilkinson, Pall Mall, London' and serial number 6418, and with Queen Victoria 'VR' cipher. Length 104 cm

German World War I, World War II and Other Medals consisting of Nazi forty year service medal, World War I Kingdom of Bavaria war merit cross in fitted award case, Nazi infantry assault badge with award document, war merit cross with swords, Great Britain

British 1803 type light Infantry Sabre sword, with scabbard, the sword has a lion head pommel with gilt hilt, with pierced GR monogram and Crown, the blade is engraved with George III 'Gr' and 'Crown', with motto 'Diet Et Mon Droit' verso, with original br

British Officer's Sword: 1895 Pattern Infantry O' cer's Sword by Mole & Sons of Birmingham with war department marks. Queen Victoria monogram (VR) on the guard, leather scabbard. 98 cm Good condition

A 19th century Wurttemberg Infantry Officer's sword, wooden checkered grip, plain brass knuckle guard, pommel and hooked quillon, the cross guard with Wurttemberg coat of arms, Solingen marked blade, the leather scabbard with brass fittings. Length 92.5 cm

A German Prussian Model 1889 Infantry Officer's sword, Royal Cipher of Emperor William II to the wooden grip with silver wire binding, brass decorative hilt with standing eagle and hinged section, double fullered straight steel blade, no scabbard. Length 9

A George V 1897 Pattern Infantry Officer's sword, the chromed guard with engraved and pierced crown and cipher, the reverse with N.Z. military markings and No. 358, the engraved chromed blade with name 'Mason & Sons', and 'Junior Cadets N.Z.', in original

A George III 1751 Infantry Officer's short sword, brass wrythen grip and hilt, single-edged fullered blade marked with crown over GR to both sides, semi-straight edge. Length 75 cm.