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Rare Oriental walking stick with carved horn dragon head handle with bone and gemstone inserts

Carved timber bulldog head handle walking stick with glass eyes

Horn handled walking stick with sterling band engraved George Adams Tattersalls

Small whalebone whales tooth & baleen walking stick with Turks head handle

A fiddleback blackwood walking stick with Tasmanian musk carved fist and ball handle, 19th century, 94 cm long

A fiddleback blackwood walking stick with rose gold collar, 19th century, 89 cm

A walking stick, stingray vertebrae and horn, 19th century, 87 cm

A whale's penis walking stick with fiddleback blackwood handle, 19th century, 91 cm

A whalebone walking stick with carved whale's tooth fist handle with casuarina, cedar, baleen and horn spacers, 19th century, 88 cm long

A whalebone walking stick with whale's tooth Turkman's knot handle, 19th century, shaft carved from a solid piece of bone, 85 cm long

A shark vertebrae and horn walking stick, 19th century, 88 cm

A group of four Australian walking sticks including rare Tasmanian specimens wood stick, a folk art possibly Aboriginal stockman cedar stick with carved snake engraved William Fisher and two fiddleback blackwood sticks, one with antler handle, longest 103

Gold plated handled walking stick presented by Fort Schuyler Council with raised floral detail on a repeating floral ground, engraved 'Presented to J.V. Anthony by Fort Schuyler Council R.A. May 12 1888'. Condition good to fair, slightly loose collar. Leng

Whalebone walking stick with facetted & rope twist decoration (no handle), Permit number: 1208/16

Whalebone walking stick with Fist handle decorated with casuarina & baleen in a rope twist pattern, Permit no: 1231/16

An Irish blackthorn carved walking stick, 19th century, 95 cm

An ebony walking stick with dogs head handle and bone inlaid eyes, 19th century, 82 cm

A carved hardwood walking stick, New Zealand timbers, late 19th century, 97 cm

A spirit flask walking stick, 19th century, with a hidden glass tube and miniature glass under the cap, 92 cm

A rare fluted walking stick, 19th century, with removable stopper, 94 cm

A rare ebony walking stick with gambling handle. Purchased in England for ?300. 92 cm long.

A dragon head handled bone and ebony walking stick. 87 cm long.

A fiddleback blackwood walking stick with finely carved scrolling handle inlaid with pine and ebony, late 19th century, 91 cm

A mulga wood walking stick carved with a fist handle and snake, most likely Aboriginal, 86 cm

Two blackwood walking sticks with inlaid specimen timber handles, late 19th century, 90 cm and 92 cm

A whalebone walking stick with whale's tooth and pearl shell handle, 19th century, 83 cm