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Pedigree dolls were very popular in Australia during the late forties and through the fifties. They came in many sizes and styles. They were manufactured by Pedigree Soft Toys Ltd. of the United Kingdom, which had factories New Zealand, South Africa and Australia, and was a subsidiary of the biggest toy company in the world from the 1930s to the 1950s: Lines Brothers Ltd. Pedigree's Sindy was the great success story of the 1960s toy industry, cleverly catching the mood of the new teenage culture. Sindy, first made in 1962 by the Pedigree Company, is the best-selling 'teenage' fashion doll ever produced in Great Britain. Pedigree, in financial difficulties, sold the Sindy licence to toy giant, Hasbro in 1986, and her popularity with modern children has now been somewhat eclipsed by her rival 'Barbie'.
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As new NZ Pedigree Soft toy rabbit 34 cm still in original plastic bag together with dog soft toy and Luvme Pyjama case dog

NZ Pedigree similar as above lot, musical playing Twinkle Twinkle little star 60 cm

NZ Pedigree Walkie Talkie doll, original blonde nylon wig with period outfit, 53 cm with original Pedigree tinplate doll stand 144a NZ Pedigree Walkie Talkie brown original nylon wig with Toddler Pedigree 144b NZ Pedigree Walkie Talkie, brown mohair wig wi

Lloyd Loom dolls bed and doll. White painted woven cane bed with hard plastic Pedigree doll. Length 53 cm. (bed)

A rare Pedigree Pram c1940, the burgundy carriage with original hood and cover

Pedigree 'Little Princess'doll marked pedigree on the neck and 'Made in England'on her back. Approx 40 cm in length.

'Pedigree' English 16 inch walking doll with short hair & blue sleeping eyes

'Pedigree' English 22 inch walking doll with short hair & brown sleeping eyes (has changing eyes mechanism)

'Pedigree' English 22 inch walking doll with blue sleep eyes & jointed arms

'Pedigree' English 16 inch walking doll with short hair & blue sleeping eyes

'Pedigree' English 28 inch large walking doll with long hair, green sleep eyes & jointed arms

Roddy character baby and NZ Pedigree black baby with brown flirty eyes and original wig 26 cm, 23 cm

Pedigree 'Mama' doll and composition headed doll with cloth and Excelsior body

Made in England Pedigree and unmarked, vinyl Dolls, blue sleeping eyes, blonde and brown nylon hair, dressed as bride doll and fairy 58 cm, 47 cm