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Slave doll (Caucasian): c1850s young girl; fine lace dress, cotton body, extremely fine silk boots, crocheted hair. Height 31 cm

Slave doll (Caucasian): c1850s male; wearing a farm worker's costume - cotton body in blue check (gingham), filled with newspaper, real child's cotton socks and with corn cobs for arms. Height 66 cm

Slave doll (African American): c1850s male; cotton body, woollen leggings, button eyes, real child's leather boots with attractive detailing. Height 47 cm

Slave doll (African American): c1850s male; cotton body, appliqued mouth, press stud eyes, heavy filling probably sawdust. Height 58 cm, these wider, heavier dolls often referred to as 'Doorstop Dolls'

Slave doll (African American): c1850s female; cotton torso with combination filling, cotton dress, leather arms, lace petticoats, astrakhan wool hair, detachable velvet and ribbon hat 18 cm diameter. Height 58 cm. Exceptional