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Wartime Poster: World War II propaganda poster 'Give to the Red Cross' showing flags of Red Cross, Australia, Gb, USA, France, Greece, Russia and China, 101 x 63 cms, laid down on linen.

1916 Red Cross poster, 'Old Bills Made Like New! If You Help the Surrey Red Cross', artwork by Bruce Bairnsfather, printed by the Dangerfield Printing Co, London, size 43 x 56 cm. Minor peripheral faults, though lovely appearance

C1950s Australian red cross poster No. 315, 'Keep the Flag Flying, Please Give. Disabled Veterans, Homes and Hospitals, Disaster Relief, Blood Transfusion', artwork by Skalberg, color lighograph, linen backed, 38 x 51 cm. Condition A

Australian red cross posters No. 265 and No. 275, 'Give! all, the world Needs red cross', artwork by James Northfield, offset printed, 37 x 50 cm. 'First Aid post of the world, red cross, Needs Your Help!', offset printed, 50 x 74 cm. /B. (2 items)

Australian red cross poster, 'Join/ Australian red cross', with attractive artwork of nurse, offset printed, 51 x 77 cm

1959 Australian red cross poster, 'Support (red cross)/ 1959, red cross Centenary, Please Give Generously!', offset printed, 41 x 52 cm. (peripheral faults)

Betty Paterson (1895-1970), red cross poster Australian children's artist and illustrator, a very rare example of her poster Art. 51 x 61 cm framed and glazed

Linen backed lithographic red cross poster No. 315, 'Keep the Flag flying, Please Give, Disabled Veterans, Homes and Hospitals, Disaster relief, blood Transfusion', artwork by Skalberg

Offset printed red cross poster No. 261, 'Australian red cross Society, blood Means life, Enrol Now as a blood Donor'