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A Chinese carved soapstone 'chi-dragon' seal, Attributed to Yang Xuanuan, the side carved of 'Yu Xuan', 5 cm high x 2.8 cm wide x 2.8 cm deep. Yang Xuan, style name Yuxuan, was a native of Fujian province. In the Jianpu provincial gazette,

Three soapstone seals, (3), two of square section surmounted by Buddhist lions, the third carved as a section of a bamboo cane, each with an inscription on one side, (3), tallest 7 cm high

A Chinese double ancestor portrait, Qing Dynasty, 19th century, in opaque colours on paper depicting grandparent figures seated at an angle before a home altar with a bowl of iris upon a stand, and a bonsai upon a carved gnarled root stand, with large char

A large Chinese stone 'mountain' with a seal carved under the base, the small boulder shape carved in relief with a dragon and clouds and with finely incised detail of a landscape and with further calligraphic inscription. Height 12 cm

A Chinese hardstone seal, Republic era, first half 20th century, the plinth style seal surmounted with integral carved twin birds perched on bamboo, in pleasing tones of ochre, beige and dark brown, russet colours to the birds, with character script to one

A Chinese Tianhuang, Shoushan stone with a finely carved slender dragon, atop an oval Blank seal, translucent and dark streaking with natural hues of yellow. Note: Shoushan stone was revered by the Qing Emporer's and the preferred soft stone for their

A Chinese Tianhuang, Shoushan stone with rich natural hues of golden amber, Blank seal, the face carved with an ancient tree issuing from a massive rock, and figures resting in the branches. Note: Shoushan stone is soft and likes to be handled to build up

A Tianhuang, Shoushan stone of natural pebble form, Translucent, low relief carving and hues of golden yellow. Note: Shoushan stone was revered by the Qing Emperor's and the preferred soft stone for their seals. From the Shoushan mountain streams in Fu

A pair of stone seals artists, probably blood stone, 20th century, height 12 cm

A Chinese Tianhuang stone carved, with a lion dog, the seal is Blank, a Rich Even honey yellow stone, the lion dog carved on the centre of the column ready to pounce, with a tall curly tale & a turning ferocious head, height 10.5 cm

Large vintage Chinese carved stone chop, the square shape decorated on top with lions above figures flanked by pillars, 20.5 cm high approx.

A Japanese bamboo wrist rest, 19th century, carved in relief with three skeletons in a bamboo forest, the back with a very long finely incised inscription, three character signature and two seals on the front, 20.8 cm long, 8 cm wide

A Japanese Negoro lacquer wrist rest, Meiji period (1868-1912), carved with a long inscription and the artist's signature and one seal carved through the red lacquer, a wood grain finish on the side, the underside in green lacquer, 28.2 cm long, fitted

A signed Chinese hard stone seal of a lion, in deep black green tones with olive inclusions, depicting a lion descending a rocky outcrop atop a squared plinth, with gilt enriched engraved decoration, script in characters to one face and seal underside. Hei

A signed Chinese hardstone seal, an unadorned square seal in a pleasing mottled amber, ochre and red veined stone, incised script in characters to one face with detailed and lengthy archaistic script to the base. Length 8 cm. Width 8 cm

Large carved soapstone seal mythical dragon column plinth base with stand 20 cm height

A Chinese hand scroll with jade teminals & clasp, Suzhou Art Studio, inscribed by artist Guo XI & Calligrapher Zha Shibiao, a panel of calligraphy & painted with a birds on flowering & fruiting branches, eleven red seals, including the Empr

Chinese carved hardstone seal. Standing dog of fo. Character marks to base.

A Chinese hard stone seal, in modulating and veined light to deeper amber tones, the large rectangular seal lightly relief carved to each face with lotus, figures and a pavilion, with inked seal mark underside and script to one face. Length 12.5 cm

A Chinese carved stone seal of square section, surmounted by a contorted temple dog, mottled tan colour. Height 6.5 cm

A carved Chinese stone seal chop, of tall square section, etched with trees and rocks, a goat and insects to the sides. Height 10.5 cm

A Chinese Shou Shan stone seal, carved with a lion dog, the stone in multiply hues of yellow, finely carved on a square base, height 6.5 cm

A chicken-blood hardstone Chinese seal chop, of square section with rounded top carved with calligraphic inscriptions and with stylised seal under the base. Height 12 cm

A Chinese Shou Shan stone carved with a pig, the seal is Blank, a rich yellow stone with light & dark streaking, the recumbent pig is well delineated with long floppy ears, lying on top of the square base. Height 6.5 cm

A Chinese pale jade libation cup, cylindrical with two scroll handles issuing from the sides, raised on a small foot ring. Chinese export wax seal affixed under the base. Height 8.5 cm

Chinese stone chop with carved animal decorated top, 9 cm high

A Chinese malachite seal. Utilising the natural swirling modulations of the richly coloured stone, fashioned as a simple cylinder with a rounded top. Length 6.5 cm

Two Chinese Blank seals in a hardstone with finely carved lion dogs, the beige stone with streaks of red. Height 7 cm

A carved inkstone bottle, the ink moulded in the form of a flask with designs of Buddhist figures to either side surrounded by numerous seal marks. Height 18.5 cm

An antique rolled gold swivel seal, padlock bail, carved carnelian seal, rolled rose gold.

A Chinese carved rock crystal seal, 5 cm high. Provenance: UK private collection till early 20th century, NSW private collection

Chinese shou-shan stone boulder with seal, maker sign, stone approx 9 cm high

Oriental ivory seal C1940 with dragon finial, height 6 cm approx

A pair of Chinese soapstone seals, Qing Dynasty, late 19th to 20th century, in mellow amber tones, the small plinth style seals surmounted by crouching and snarling lion dog figures, one face of each with script and having seal marks underside with remnant

Carved Chinese chop with landscape formed top 7 cm high approx