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A pair of Chinese carved ivory wrist rests, late Ching dynasty, on carved wooden stands, each wrist rest 22 cm high

A Japanese bamboo wrist rest, 19th century, carved in relief with three skeletons in a bamboo forest, the back with a very long finely incised inscription, three character signature and two seals on the front, 20.8 cm long, 8 cm wide

A Chinese bamboo wrist rest, 19th century, finely carved in low relief with a sage in a leafy 'Skirt' carrying a basket of peaches, a bird seated on a branch above his head, inscribed 'Bingzi (1876) Qingming Qian Yiri' and 'Jiao Yi'

A Japanese Negoro lacquer wrist rest, Meiji period (1868-1912), carved with a long inscription and the artist's signature and one seal carved through the red lacquer, a wood grain finish on the side, the underside in green lacquer, 28.2 cm long, fitted

A large pair of Chinese ivory wrist rests, late Qing dynasty,19-early 20th century, one carved with a scene of figures in a mountainous retreat, the other with figures under a large tree beside rocks alongside a stream and a figure in a boat, fitted silver

A Chinese large ivory wrist rest, late Qing dynasty, 19-20th century, carved on top in low relief, and deeply carved underneath with a battle theme. 30.8 cm long and 10.3 cm wide

Chinese zitan wrist rest carved with water cranes measures 25.7 cm long

Pair 19th century Chinese yellow glazed wrist rests the drum form porcelain with incised design and four mask heads to sides measure 18 cm high, 21 cm wide

A Chinese ivory wrist rest, early 20th century, deeply carved on the underside with immortals riding on mythical animals, with wooden stand. 24.6 cm high. Provenance: Collection of Dr. Henry Cyril Adams

A Chinese bamboo brush pot and wrist rest, probably late Qing, late 19th to early 20th century, the squared brush pot with an applied base having script to three faces, the wrist rest lightly engraved and inked with a gesticulating figure and script. Heigh

A group of four Chinese porcelain scholar's desk pieces, late Qing Dynasty, late 19th century, comprising a scrolled wrist rest, an oval inkstone, a brush wash with a quatrefoil aperture, and a pierced rectangular brush rest, all with underglaze blue scrip

A carved ivory wrist rest, Qing dynasty, 19th century, the convex underside carved in deep relief with lotus flowers and leaves growing from a tubor, the sinuous stems rising among other water plants and frogs, crabs, snails, clams and crayfish, the concav

A very rare and unusual porcelain piece to the scholar's desk. Possibly a wrist rest reticulated side and end panels, famille rose decoration in red, turquoise and yellow with a yellow dragon on the top. Six-character Daoguang (1820-1850) red seal mark. Le

Chinese carved bamboo wrist rest, carved in relief, 25.5 cm long

A pair of carved ivory wrist rests, 19th/20th century each of tapering rectangular form, the curved exterior carved in low relief with a fisherman walking along the shore, the underside intricately carved and pierced with sages and attendants variously occ

A pair of Chinese bronze wrist rests, of semi -tubular elongated form designed to rest the wrists while painting or undertaking calligraphy work, decorated to the curves with raised landscape scenes and to the convex interior, myriad figures upon horseback

Chinese carved bamboo wrist rest. Pheasant and blossom decoration, edition on carved pierced wooden stand. Length 32 cm

A hardwood wrist rest, late Qing Dynasty, in the form of a qin, the upper surface carved with details and inlaid with a row of studs; together with a pear-shaped gourd container and stalk cover, one side carved with a figure conjuring a bat, below a contin

A 'Three Friends' ivory wrist rest, Meiji period, in the form of a hollowed section of a pine trunk, the gnarled surface with a branch of pine needles, flowering prunus and bamboo in relief extending over the side, a polychrome cicada resting on the unders

A group of three Chinese bamboo wrist rests, comprising a pair carved with Chinese characters and another with the figure of a draped woman carved in low relief and incised Chinese characters. Length 34 cm, and shorter

Chinese famille rose wrist rest, early 20th century, decorated with nobles before a screen, a planter on stand, and a lantern, retains wax seal. 19 x 8 cm

A Chinese painted porcelain wrist rest 20th century, rectangular with pierced ends, the top and one side painted in colours with landscapes, the other side with lines of script. Height 3.5 cm. Length 21 cm

An exceptional pair of large Chinese ivory wrist rests, 19th century, Qing Dynasty, each one finely carved with immortals and attendants descending from a mountain temple, surrounded by pine trees and clouds, fitted hardwood stands, fitted box. 30.5 cm hig

A fine Chinese ivory wrist rest, 19th century, late Qing Dynasty. Very well carved with Daoist immortals standing on clouds amongst pines, before heavenly pagodas, fitted hardwood stand, fitted box. 30.5 cm high. Provenance: Melbourne private collection. S

Chinese signed Calligraphist ivory wrist rest. Hand drawn traditional scene of a model in a Studio, and extensive verse in characters. Split to body. Length 17 cm

Two bamboo wrist rests, Qing Dynasty, one carved in relief with figures poling a boat through a mountainous landscape beside pine and willow trees, below an inscription; the other with flowering peonies and foliage partly eaten by an insect, another on the

An ivory wrist rest, Qing Dynasty, 19th century, of tapering rectangular form, the curved top carved in low relief with a maiden standing in a pavilion garden with pine and willow trees, a thatched hut set high on a rocky ledge among distant peaks, the und

A bamboo wrist rest, 20th century, the curved surface incised with a Luohan seated reading a book, with others at his side, inscribed with a two line poem above, signed Qiongchi Yufu, dated bing yin, 1926, the tenth lunar month 24 cm

A Chinese bamboo wrist rest 19th century. Inscribed, 'Playing the Qin in the Evening', dated Autumn 1802 or 1862, signed Zhu shi

A Bamboo wrist-rest, late Qing,19th century, well carved with a scholar, inscribed

Two bamboo wrist rests, each one carved with rocks and flowers, both inscribed

Chinese wrist rest. Carved with dragonfly, aquatic plants & Chinese characters. Length 30 cm

Chinese wrist rest. Relief decoration of temple bridge, coast & Chinese characters. Length 30 cm

A bamboo wrist rest, Daoguang, 1821-1850, Relief carved with a poem, two seals, Shu-shi and His-shang (art names of Sun Wei). 22 cm long. Provenance. F.W. Bodor Collection. Purchased from Nicholas Grindlay, London, 26th Oct 1979

A bamboo wrist rest, Qing Dynasty, inscribed with a poem in hsing-shu, signed Jui-feng (art name Chou Shao-lung). 27 cm long. Provenance. F.W. Bodor Collection. Purchased from Nicholas Grindley, London, 26th Oct 1979