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Flora Landells polychrome jug, 10 cm high, signed and incised 175 to base

Two West Australian Landells pottery Studio vases c.1940-1950. Decorated with an array of green and drip glaze colours. One vase signed '41 Landells Perth W.A.'; the other 'Landells Perth'. Heights: 15 cm & 16.5 cm

Two West Australian Landells pottery Studio vases c.1940-1950. Decorated with an array of drip glaze colours. One vase signed 'F & R Landells Perth B6'; the other 'Landells Perth 162'. Height 15.8 cm; diameter 14 cm. Note: flora and Reg Landells were pione

A West Australian Studio Pottery Forbes Perth part tea set c.1940's. The tea set is decorated with drip glaze colours and inscribed base 'Forbes Perth' teapot. Height 9.5 cm. Note: There is a documented record of an olive Forbes who exhibited pottery at th

Flora Annie Margaret Landells (1888-1981) studio pottery vase, c.1950's, glazed earthenware decorated with green and dark brown glazed colours, signed 'Landell's Perth WA 108'. Height 11 cm

Flora Annie Margaret Landells (1888-1981). Studio pottery vase, c.1950's, decorated with blue and white drip glaze, signed 'Landells Perth'. Height 16.7 cm. Note: Flora and Reg Landells were pioneering, potters in Western Australia, establishing the Landel

Flora Landells (1888-1981), a multicoloured glazed earthenware vase inscribed 253/Landells Perth 10.5 cm high

Landells pottery bowl painted decoration, signed Landells Perth diameter: 19 cm

Flora Landells (1889-1981) decorated bowl, c. 1913, hand painted, Sturt Desert Pea design, signed F. Landells, bowl manufactured by brown-Westhead, moore & Co.England c. 1900

Two flora Landells pottery cylinder vases, Perth WA, c1940-1950's, wheel thrown, drip glaze, sgraffito design, signed base, Landells Perth. Height 14.5 cm & 9 cm

A flora Landells, glazed pottery vase signed, 'Landells Perth' on base

Flora Landells (1888 - 1981) 2 glazed blue mugs and a glazed green bowl All signed, 'Landells, Perth', on their bases. (3 items)