These items are not for sale and the descriptions, images and prices are for reference purposes only.

A large framed Chinese ancestor portrait, late Qing Dynasty, 144 x 94 cm

Large 19th century Chinese ancestral painting three seated figures gouache and silk

Triptych Chinese ancestor portraits, watercolour and ink on paper, 31 x 18 cm each (3)

Chinese ancestor painting 19th century, framed under glass, 156 x 113 cm

Chinese school, ancestor portraits (2). 119 cm x 83 cm

Chinese ancestral figures framed scroll 200 cm x 108 cm (frame)

A Chinese framed ancestor scroll, 19th century, of a seated male and female, each wearing blue and red traditional robe, ink and colour on paper, framed, (A/F) minor deterioration to paper. Height 180 cm. Width 95 cm

A large Chinese ancestor group portrait, late 19th century/ early 20th century Chinese ink and colour on paper 143 x 91 cm depicting a main patriarchal figure, possibly the father's elder brother, seated proudly at the head of the family group. He wears hi

Chinese ancestor portrait painting, 20th century. 48 x 78 cm

Pair of Chinese ancestor portrait paintings. Frame size 78 x 121 cm each

A large Chinese ancestral portrait painted with figures over six registers, (loss and deterioration in places), 300 x 212 cm

Pair of Chinese ancestor portrait paintings on silk, each 99 x 140 cm.

A fine pair of ancestral portaits of court dignitaries, Qing Dynasty and later. Depicted in traditional robes, seated on thrones with marble pediments. Provenance: Purchased from Robert Morrison Antiques C1987

Chinese ancestor portrait of a lady, ink and colour on paper, 108 x 68 cm

A massive pair of 19th century ancestral portraits, framed under glass

A well-painted Chinese ancestor painting of a lady, Qing dynasty, 116 x 60 cm approx.

A finely painted pair of Chinese Ancestor full length portraits, showing Mandarin court official in fur-lined black robes with crane, clouds and richly coloured foliate motifs. Lady also displayed with rich red and gilt robes, 4 toed dragon and similar col

A Chinese scroll of an ancestor figure relief printed in black signed with characters inplate 104 x 72.5 cm, image; 160 x 81 cm overall

Early Chinese reverse painting on glass. Interior scene with ancestor and two women. Original frame. 51 x 33 cm (not including frame)

A large Chinese ancestor painting, mid-late Qing Dynasty, of an important official's wife dressed in magnificent robes and seated in elaborate surroundings, all within a perspex case, 195 x 105 cm

A Chinese framed ancestor portrait of a couple. On paper with some watermarks. Height 146 cm. Width 102 cm

Chinese school, ancestor portrait, gouache, 166 x 93 cm

Pair of Chinese ancestral portraits gouache on paper depicting a lady and a gentleman in formal attire 151 x 86 cm. Provenance: ex Elizabeth Dangar collection, Sotheby's, 2001

Three 19th century Chinese ancestor portraits. Extensive overpainting to backgrounds. gouache (3). 87 x 48 cm. (largest)

An impressive pair of large Chinese ancestral scroll paintings, Qing dynasty, 19th century

A Chinese ancestor tile and a Japanese painting on stone, ink on stone, wooden stands, 30 x 25 cm, 40 x 30 cm (2)

A Chinese ancestor painting of an elderly gentleman 120 x 160 cm

A Chinese ancestor painting of a noble man and attendant circa 1900 155 x 88 cm

A pair of antique Chinese ancestral portraits of a dignitary and his wife

An antique Chinese ancestral portrait of a dignitary and his two wives