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Two Mini Cooper models and a Mini minor, Kyosho and one Solido

Five limited edition Solido diecast models, including a GMC 353 Leroi Us 44/94 and 4494/59 S.H.A.E.F. Packard staff car (E - M boxes E - M) (5)

Collection of Solido models, including three Ferrari Bb; Ferrari 312P; two Ferrari Daytona; Ferrari 312 Pb; Bmw 3000 Rallye; Ferrari 512 Sunoco; two Ferrari 250GTO; three Ferrari 365 GTB4 - 3 unboxed (A Lot)

Collection of Solido 'La Collection De L'Aged'or' models, including two 136 Bugatti Royale; Voisin 17 CV; 137 Mercedes SS Torpedo; three Mercedes SS 1928; two 140 Panhard 1925; two Hispano Suiza; Renault 40CV; Fiat 1929; Citroen 15CV; Delage D8 120; Duesen

Solido Berliet T12, with original decals in wax Envelope with instructions in French Included (E-M box VG-E)

Solido 304 Camion Bernard, white-cream trailer, red cab with decals to trailer (E box G-VG)

Solido 301 articulated cement truck, blue white and red, Collectoys Exlot 61, March 15 2008 (E box VG-E)

Bag lot of 5 Solido Age D'or die cast vehicles, including Cord, Delahayemm x 2 & two others (5 items)

Unboxed Solido no. 101 scooter and rider, black scooter, seat with Glue Residue, aluminium hubs with white tyres, complete with white plastic rider with Glue Distress and Residue (G)

Solido 304 Camion Bernard. Light blue trailer, red cab with decals to trailer, Collectoys Ex-Lot 720 Mrach 11 &12 2006 (VG-E box G-VG)

Three Solido models;, including 661 Transport Chapiteau; 305B Berliet T12 Transport Exceptionnel - missing load of lorry; and Berliet T12 (VG-M boxes F-VG) (3)

Three Solido models, including Tracteur Willeme; 202 tank Patton; and 209 Char Max 30 (E-M boxes G-VG) (3)

Two Solido models, including limited edition Citroen 15 CV; and set 158 with caravan (E-M box G-E) (2)

Three Kyosho 'BMW' models, and five 'Audi' models by Minichamps and Solido (8)

A Norev 'Citroen DS19', a Solido '1963 Citroen DS19', and a Hot Wheels 'Ferrari 250GT' (3)

Three Solido models, including two '1954 Peugeot' models, '1964 Peugeot 403 Berline', and a Norev 'Simca' (4)

Four various Hatchback model cars, including Norev 'Peugeot 207' and Solido 'Peugeot 205' (3)

A Revell 'Volvo 121 Amazon' and a Solido '1961 Peugeot 403 Cabriolet grand Luxe' (2)

A Solido '1954 Peugeot 203' and a Revell 'Volvo PV544' model (2)

A Solido 1:12 '1958 Chevrolet Corvette' model (1)

Two 'Aston Martin DB9' models, by Minichamps and Solido (2)

A signature 'Chrysler Impala', a neo scale models 'Jaguar MK1X', an Autoart 'Holden Sedan' and a Solido 'Bentley S2, 1961' (4)

Two Kyosho 'Mini Cooper' models, and a 'Solido Fiat 600 Beline' (3)

A Solido '1950 Chevrolet' and a Universal Hobbies '1941 Chevrolet de Luxe'. (2)

An Anso '1947 Cadillac series 62' and a Solido '1955 Cadillac Eldorado'. (2)

Two Solido models, including Solido scooter Motorcart with food vendor, cream with white and red striped canopy, unboxed; and Rolls-Royce silver Cloud, two tone silver and brown-black, boxed (VG-E box E) (2)

Solido 301 articulated cement truck; Solido 302 Willeme articulated truck; and Solido 303 Berliet Dump truck (E boxes P-F) (3)

Solido 305 Berliet low Loader; and Solido 300 Petrolier (E boxes F) (2)

Three Solido racing cars, including Brm, British racing green, white Driver; Db Panhard Le Mans, mid-blue, white Driver; and Cooper Formula 2 black, white Driver (Vg-E boxes G) (3)

Three French Solido Provence Moulage models; Chrysler Windsor, metallic green; Buick 1950 Cabriolet, metallic green; and Buick 1950 Cabriolet, yellow with 'Hanna '89 to Base (M Boxes VG-E) (3)

Rare Solido Jouets A Transformation Set including red Nice Autocar, red removable body, cast hubs, white tyres; a body for a 133 Peugeot 203 Cabriolet, pale blue with dark blue roof; and miniature Autobus, red, grey plastic wheels, in plain buff box with s

A boxed (G) presentation set early Solido inter-changeable, 4 models, 24 transformations (incomplete).

Two Solido Car 'Chausson' Buses one Trolley Bus, red body, silver trim, spun hubs, black knobbly tyres, in box; and R.T.F., blue body, silver trim, spun hubs, black knobbly tyres, 'Television Francaise Car De Reportages' decal to side, in box (G-Vg box G)

Five Solido Vehicles including 304 Camion Bernard, red cab, white trailer, 'La Vache Qui Rit' illustrated decals to sides, 2 end flaps missing to box; 308 Camion Citerne Willeme, blue cab and trailer, white plastic tank with 'elf' decals to sides; 300 Trac