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Coventry was the centre of silk weaving in the mid 19th century, but after the introduction of a free trade agreement in 1860 that removed import duties on silks, brocades and ribbons, and a change in fashions, the silk ribbon industry in Coventry was no longer competitive. This led to financial difficulties for the weaving factories, and they looked for ways to diversify. About 1862, one of the weavers, Thomas Stevens was able to complete modifications to his ribbon weaving Jacquard looms to produce multi-coloured woven silk pictures, which he called Stevengraphs. As well as pictures often featuring horse racing, foxhunting, or portraits, he produced woven silk bookmarks, greeting cards and postcards. The pictures were a standard size of 5 1/2 inches x 2 1/2 inches. Stevens was able to successfully market his products and he dominated the woven silk market from the 1860's until 1940 when "The Stevengraph Works" were destroyed by German bombing during World War II. Other manufacturers followed Stevens lead, but regardless of manufacturer, all woven silk items are known as Stevengraphs.
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Victorian woven silk picture 'The Good Old Days', by Stevengraph Works (Thomas Stevens), Coventry, 24 cm x 32.5 cm (frame)

A Stevengraph 'The Death of Nelson', framed & glazed, overall 26x19 cm.

Three hunting stevengraphs. 'The Meet', 'Full Cry' and 'The death'. 5 x 15 cm each

Stevengraphs (5) & Ansonia bedside timber cased clock. (6 items)

Stevengraphs: group of three showing the 'Lord Howe' steam train; coaching scene & horse racing scene, each framed & captioned. 15 x 5 cm each

Three framed Stevengraphs. 'The Start;' 'The Finish;' and 'The Good Old Days'. Woven silk (3). 5 x 15 cm. Each

Five unframed Stevengraphs. 'The Lady Godiva Procession;' 'For Life or Death - Heroism on Land;' 'The Last Lap;' 'The Good Old Days;' and 'The First Touch'. Woven silk (5). 5 x 15 cm each

Three framed Stevengraphs. 'The Present Time, 60 Miles An Hour;' 'The Start;' and 'Called to the Rescue - Heroism at Sea'. Woven silk (3). 5 x 15 cm. Each

Stevengraphs and silk pictures. Group of (4) framed or mounted 19th century silks with accompanying book 'The Price Guide to Stevegraphs'. Noted, Railway stevengraph with caption and original label verso. (5 items)

Rare pair of framed Stevengraph prints mounted in Victorian birdseye maple frames, c.1860, hand woven prints in silk depicting, Grace Darling, the Lady Godiva Procession, Called to the Rescue (Heroism at Sea) For Life or Death (Heroism on Land) 37 x 26.8 c

Stevengraph 'For Life or Death' (Heroism on Land) A steam fire engine, Victorian

Two framed Stevengraphs (1) Dick Turpin's Ride to York on His Bonnie Black Bess with poem underneath. (2) The 'London & York' Stage Coach, Commenced Running in the year 1706. Below silk - 'From the 'Black Swan' Holborn, London, To the 'Black Swan' Coney St