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Korean pot with cloud pattern, From Anneke's father's Japanese friend reputedly very valuable'. Diameter 19.5 cm

A pair of small Korean Cholsa pottery Votive figures, in pale celadon glaze with iron brown hair decoration. Height 9 cm

A rare punch Ong Korean pottery tea jar 16th century, in Chinese style with inlaid whiteclay borders and bands of chrysanthemums and lappets (three suspension hoops) under a celadon green glaze. Height 18 cm

A good Korean pottery bowl 18th century, of plain design with a thick pale green/grey celadon type glaze. Diameter 14 cm, height 8 cm

A Korean Paekcha pottery triple ground bottle vase 18th-19th century, rare shape with good whitish grey glaze over graduating tapered form. Height 20 cm

A Korean pottery peach form water Dropper late-Choson period, decorated in cholsa chongwu paekcha and chinhong sagi. This shape much admired and copied. Height 11 cm

A very fine Korean 17th century Choson Cholsa pottery bottle vase, grey glaze with Buddist painted fish iron russet decoration, Joseon Dynasty. Height 34 cm

A Korean porcelain bottle vase, painted in Inky blue floral decoration 19th century, height 28 cm

A Korean porcelain jar, Joasan Dynasty, 19th century, height 13.5 cm

A large Korean white glaze vase, 19th century, 50 cm high and 22.5 cm diameter (across the mouth rim). Provenance: A private Melbourne collection

A 12th century finely potted Korean celadon cup, Overlapping lotus leaf motif. Height 7.2 cm.

A Korean stoneware bowl with black iron brushed decoration, diameter 20 cm

A Korean celadon oil jar, Koryo Dynasty (918-1392), the shoulder decorated in black and white slip with three dotted flowers, covered overall with an olive green ice-crackle glaze, 5.6 cm high. Provenance: Old Melbourne private collection. Purchased from H

A Korean earthenware pot with Horizontal bands of impressed Hessian, Silla Kingdom 58BC-AD935, traces of ash glaze on the globular body with a long wide neck, condition: considering the antiquity of this pot it has minimal damage. Height 23.5 cm

A Korean bulbous shaped jar, Freely painted in underglaze blue with a foliate design, Choson Dynasty, the large pot sits on a deep foot, everted rim above a short neck & decorated with a collar of flower heads. Height 18 cm deep19 cm

A Korean tea service, 20th century, in brown ceramic wth bright turqoise interior and characters to cups, indistinct mark to base of teapot, teapot H. 9.5 cm

A signed modern Korean ceramic vase, circa 1970, the ovoid vase with a petite neck and a flattened rim, with an overall iron brown mottled glaze with a encircling and trailing 'Crazy paving' motif; character marks underside. Height 29.5 cm

Small celadon bowl with gold fish decoration (rim frit), possibly Korean

Two Korean inlaid celadon vases. Decorations of children under willow tree (larger), & floral roundels. Height 35 cm & 31 cm

A Korean celadon glazed bowl, an incised design of a continuous vine flowering. D15 cm H 7 cm

Korean celadon terracotta vase with pierced outer layer, 18 cm diameter approx

A Korean Celadon bowl, Yi dynasty, 15th century, with a moulded floral band on the interior, finely crackled grey green glaze, 19.4 cm diameter

A Korean celadon bowl, Koryo Dynasty, 12-13th century, incised inside the stylized peony, grey green glaze, warped, 16.2-17.5 cm diameter

Two small Korean celadon cups, Koryo Dynasty, 13th-14th century, one inlaid with four flower heads, the other one incised in the centre with four flower heads, 8.2 cm diameter (2)

A Korean celadon bowl, Pun Chong ware, Yi Dynasty 14th-15th century, with a inlaid design in white slip with two cranes amongst clouds, a lappet border around the centre, 7.9 cm high 19.2 cm diameter. Provenance: Sun Moon antiques, Seoul, 1980

A Korean celadon bowl, Yi dynasty, 14th-15th century, Punch Chong ware, slip decorated with a flower head in the centre, and four floral roundels and four more flower heads, thick crackle grey green glaze, 6.4 cm high, 18.4 cm diameter. Provenance: Sun Moo

Three contemporary Korean ceramic and earthenware vases, 20th century, including Kim Won-Seok and Seoung-Jae Choi, tallest 26 cm high (3)

A Korean blue and white ovoid jar, Yi Dynasty, 19th century, painted with two large peony sprays, 12.4 cm high

A Korean blue and white bowl, Yi Dynasty, 19th century, painted with three large peony sprays on the exterior, a shou medallion in the centre, 9.7 cm high; 18.8 cm diameter

A pair of Korean celadon tea cups, with lid and ceramic tea strainer, decorated with cranes, marked to base, height 9 cm

A Korean Joseon Dynasty glazed pot, probably 19th century, the mottled treacle glazed pot with a faceted and tapering body to a circular foot, a flattened collar and a broad short neck; with mottle glaze to the interior and base with considerable firing gr

Korean celadon crackle glaze Maebyong vase decorated with cranes in flight 17 cm high

Large Korean Celadon vase with a basket weave and crane decoration to the top, height 29 cm approx

A Korean celadon bowl, Koryo Dynasty, 12th-14th century, slip decorated in the centre with a lotus flower on an unctuous crackled celadon glaze. 7 cm high; 19 cm diameter variable together with a moulded Korean celadon bowl, Choson Dynasty, 15th/16th centu

A large Korean celadon pot, of lobed form resembling a pumpkin with a waisted neck and a small rolled everted rim, having a fine celadon teal glaze with a crackle finish throughout; with character marks underside and accompanied by a timber stand. Height 2

A large ice blue Korean pot, the monumental oviform shouldered pot having a short everted rim, tapering to a circular foot rim, pleasingly plain to the body, having two underglaze Korean characters underside; with a hardwood stand. Height 40 cm

Korean vintage porcelain celadon vase with cranes, measures 18.2 cm height

Two Korean celadon water droppers, both with slip decoration. Height 6 cm