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Lowestoft is a town in Suffolk, and a porcelain works was established there in 1757 by three local residents after a discovery of clay in the area, supposedly using a formula supplied by the Bow porcelain factory in the London suburb of Bow, about 5 miles east of central London. The works produced soft paste porcelain, with the emphasis on Chinese inspired decoration with underglaze blue in the early years. In later years a wider range of decorative themes were used. The factory ceased production in 1802, but a company using the name "Lowestoft Porcelain 2000" was established in that year to make porcelain in the old Lowestoft styles, shapes and colours.
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A Lowestoft blue and white Patty pan, circa 1775, well decorated with a swagged blue border, floral sprigs inside and out, and a moth to the well. Height 4 cm. Diameter 8.5 cm

A blue and white Lowestoft tea bowl and saucer, circa 1775, in 'Robert Browne' pattern, with alternating wave like bands of blue scales and floral sprigged reserves, the saucer centred with a petite floral motif between concentric blue lines; a small numbe

An 18th century porcelain teabowl and saucer, painted with garlands in enamel colours. (2) (label attached 'Lowestoft')

A jug and bowl in the style of Lowestoft, English, 18th century, jug: 23 cm high, bowl: 26 cm diameter

A collection of English porcelain by Lowestoft and Caughley, comprising three bowls and two saucers and a miniature coffee can

A Lowestoft blue and white patty pan, English, 18th century. 9 cm diameter

A Lowestoft porcelain tea bowl and stand, lasts quarter 18th century, the bowl exterior and interior and the stand conformingly decorated with floral bands and sprays, unmarked. Height 5.5 cm. (bowl) diameter 13.5 cm. (stand)

A Lowestoft painted porcelain tea bowl, latter half 18th century, the exterior decorated in over-glaze red and blue with flowers and a building, the interior rim and centre decorated, unmarked. Height 5.5 cm. Diameter 8.5 cm

A Lowestoft porcelain tea bowl and saucer, latter half 18th century, conformingly decorated in under-glaze blue with flowers and foliage, unmarked. Height 4.5 cm. (bowl) diameter 13 cm. (saucer)

Lowestoft Redgrave tea bowl land saucer, Doll house pattern c.1780

An 18th century Lowestoft sauce boat with pylon trees pattern and reeded body possibly painted Robert Allen. Circa 1760. Width 10cm longength 22 cm Height 8 cm

A Lowestoft Teapot, 18th century, the body decorated both sides with floral bouquets and gilded finial, 16 cm high