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Four lion car (Holland) models, including 45 Daf Pony with 1 x loose seat; 55 Commer van; 54 Commer van; and 23 truck (VG-E boxes F-G)

Three lion car (Holland) models, including 38 Daf city Bus; 33-35 lorry, damage to Coupling; and 42 Daf Pony (G-E boxes P-F) (3)

Two Lion car (Holland) models, including 36 2,600 truck and trailer 'De Haan's Expeditie N.V.'; and 36N 2,600 truck and trailer 'Meijer N.V.' (VG-E boxes F-G) (2)

Two Lion car (Holland) models, including 2 x Variomatics, one yellow and red (E boxes G) (2)